Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard Review

A Decent Card For the Credit Impaired


This card carries high fees and high rates, but your chances of being approved are good, even if you have poor credit.


Who the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard Is For


Credit Rating Required

  • Poor (below 620)


About the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard



  • Relatively easy to get approved.
  • Quick online approval process.


  • High annual fee.
  • High APR.
  • High processing fee.


  • None.


  • 19.9 percent on purchases
  • Penalty APR: 29.49 percent.


  • Annual fee: $35 the first year, then $74 a year.
  • Account processing fee: $39.
  • Late fee: $35.
  • Over-the-limit fee: $25.
  • Balance transfer fee: Five percent of balance.


Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard Review


Orchard Bank, a unit of HSBC Bank, is one of the biggest credit card companies that caters to people with bad credit. It offers several different cards, including a secured card. This card is its most expensive offering, which would also indicate that it's probably easiest to get approved. So it's appropriate if you have really poor credit.

The annual fee is a steep $74, including a $35 annual fee the first year and a $39 processing fee. After that, the annual fee is $74. The APR is 19.9 percent.

By contrast, the Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard charges an annual fee of between $39 and $59 and the APR is only 14.9 percent, and there's no processing fee. The Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard has a $35 annual fee, which is waived the first year, and there's no processing fee. The APR is a low 7.9 percent. Of course, with the secured card, you'll have to put up a deposit equal to the spending limit you want.

Orchard Bank pre-qualifies you in as little as 30 seconds - without affecting your credit score - after you complete its online application. It will then tell you which cards you're pre-qualified for, then you pick out the card you want.

Orchard Bank also says it reports your credit behavior to all three major credit bureaus each month to help you build your credit score.




Orchard Bank offers cards to the credit-challenged at fairly reasonable prices - at least compared to First Premier Bank. If your credit is really poor and you must have a credit card, check out Orchard Bank.