Free Online Income Tax Filing for States Starting with A through G

Where to File State Taxes Online for Alabama through Georgia

The links below take you to the official free state income tax filing websites for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia. To see what other states offer, read 3 Ways to File a Free State Income Tax Return.

Very often, the tax software found on these websites do not include a tax interview, which is included in tax software like TurboTax or H&R Block At Home. Instead, you will fill out a form online. These forms usually do calculations for you. Most states include links to the IRS Free File program, which provides free tax software to many U.S. taxpayers, but not To everyone.

The sites also have links to tax forms that you can print out and mail in to pay your taxes. Not all states have an income tax, but a link is provided to the state tax authority for convenience.

You can also use tax software to file both you are federal and state return.


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Alabama PC Online Filing doesn't work will with the Chrome browser, use Firefox or another browser instead.

The Alabama Department of Revenue lists on-line tax software service providers that are approved by the state and links to free state tax software offered by IRS Free File. More


Alaska has no state income tax, but a link to the Department of Revenue has been provided for convenience. For federal tax software options, see my tax software reviews or free tax software options. More


The Arizona Department of Revenue does not offer electronic filing services, but at the bottom of the Individual eFile page, you'll find links to forms you fill out online, print and mail in. The forms do calculations for you. This page also gives options for filing your return online at no charge. More


The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is accepting Modernized e-File (MeF) returns, however, I could not find a link to file directly through the Department. Click on the Online Providers link on the page to see free and paid tax software options that support your state return. More


The State of California Franchise Tax Board page for individual income taxes page includes links to two options for filing a free state tax return with ReadyReturn or CalFile. CalFile looks like the better of the two options since it guides you through completing a return while ReadyReturn is an online version of an uncompleted state return. More


The Colorado Department of Revenue - Division of Taxation provides an easy to use webpage with a link to Revenue Online, which can be used to file your individual state tax return for free. More


The State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services lists TSC-IND as its free electronic tax filing option. If you prefer to print and mail your state return, use the links next to the Get Forms option on this list. More


The State of Delaware Division of Revenue offers Form 200-I for filing an online state return. Click on File Personal Income Tax Returns under Electronic Filing to get started. If you want to print and mail your return, see the links under Tax Forms.

Delaware Form 200-I can be used unless you are amending a return, have a fiscal year return, claim credit for taxes paid in more than five other states or you would get a refund of over $1,000 that would be deposited to a bank account outside the U.S More


Florida has no state income tax, but a link to the Department of Revenue has been provided for looking up information on other state tax issues. See the links at the top of this page for tax software you can use to file your federal return. More


The Georgia Department of Revenue individual tax page is really easy to use. Click on the File My Return button to see a drop down list with links to tax Q&A and a free state tax software option. The free software falls under the Free File (see top for details) program offered by the IRS, and is not available for everyone. If you can't use one of these options, see other alternative tax software listed at the top of this page.

To print and file a paper return, click on the Top Forms button on the page. More