NYU Steinhardt Department of Music

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NYU Steinhardt Department of Music Overview:

  • What: NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (Part of the School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Students: 1,100
  • Faculty: 0ver 300
  • Programs: Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in several different music business and music performance fields.

    Steinhardt History:

    The Steinhardt School, home of NYU's music programs, opened its doors in 1925. While many schools increasingly offer some kind of music related degree program, the Steinhardt School offers the specialized B.M - Bachelor of Music, which is a more difficult degree to find. The school offers an extensive network of classes for all kinds of music performance studies, as well as a strong music business program. The Steinhardt School also trains prospective music teachers.

    Degree Programs at NYU Steinhardt Department of Music:

    Students at the Steinhardt School have a wide variety of degree programs from which to choose, including:

    • Music Education
    • Jazz Studies
    • Classical Voice and Opera Studies
    • Scoring for Films and Multimedia
    • Music Business
    • Musical Theater
    • Music Therapy
    • Piano

    In addition to their undergraduate programs, the Steinhardt School has one of the largest collections of graduate music programs in the world and is also one of the few schools to offer music-related doctorate degrees.

    The Benefits of Steinhardt:

    The obvious benefit of Steinhardt is the location.There is hardly a better location in the world for anyone wanting a shot at the music industry, either as a performer or on the business side of things. Students benefit from the sense of being in the place where it is "all happening" of course and have a world of music at their fingertips. The other benefit of this location is that the school is in an exposition to place their students in internships and excellent jobs because the business is on their doorstep. In an industry where who, you know counts a lot, having friends at Steinhardt is a major advantage.

    Village Records:

    What better way to learn what working at a record label is really like than actually working at one? The Steinhardt School gives their students this experience through Village Records. Village Records is run by Steinhardt music business students, who get the real world experience of choosing bands to work with, manufacturing and marketing albums, promoting artists and shows, and much more - everything a real label would do. Functioning as a real record label in every way (except, they give their artists non-exclusive deals), Village Records is invaluable real world experience for music biz students.

    Financing a Steinhardt Education:

    NYU is a private school, and while the exact cost of your education will depend on your personal circumstances, it can be a pricey endeavor. The school has a financial aid office that can assist you in finding ways to fund your education, and you can also apply for a federal loan on the FAFSA website.