The Mysterious Bookshop - An Award-Winning NYC Mystery Bookstore

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The Mysterious Bookshop:

58 Warren Street
New York, NY, 10007
tel: 212-587-1011
fax: 212-587-1126
orders only: 1-800-352-2840

The Mysterious Bookshop Overview

"One of the oldest mystery specialist book stores in America," the Mysterious Bookshop is an independent bookstore located in Manhattan, in the downtown neighborhood known as Tribeca. 

The store stocks new mystery hardcovers, paperbacks and periodicals, as well as signed modern first editions, rare and collectible hardcovers in the genre and a wide selection of "Sherlockiana," 

The Mysterious Bookshop History in Mystery

The Mysterious Bookshop opened on April 13, 1979. Originally in Midtown Manhattan, the store relocated to the downtown neighborhood of Tribeca. For nearly four decades, it has been a fixture of the NYC and the mystery communities.

All Things Mystery Differentiates The Mysterious Bookshop

  • Bookstore selection - In  it's going-on four decade history has provided its customers with all categories of mystery, crime and thrillers — everything from Agatha Christie and cozy mysteries to hardboiled detective fiction. In addition, it carries books about the crime genre itself, such as scholarly and analytical works, and books on Sherlockiana (that is, "anything about, inspired by, or tangentially concerning the adventures of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his biographer, Dr. John Watson." - Criminal Element newsletter). It carries a robust selection of rare and collectible books related to the mystery genre. 
  • Monthly Mystery Newsletter - the Mysterious Bookshop thoroughly serves the needs of its mystery-loving customers. The store publishes a monthly newsletter featuring new titles as well as its stock of collectible books, such as signed first editions. 
  • Book clubs for fans mystery sub-genres - The bookstore's book clubs offer monthly selections which give reader-subscribers the opportunity to sign up in advance for new books coming into stock, often signed. The Mysterious Bookshop Book Clubs are divided by sub-genres: Crime, First Mystery, Soft-Boiled (traditional, historical and romantic suspense), Hard-Boiled, British Crime, Thriller/Espionage and "Unclassifiable" (which includes "biblio, literary and the just plain odd." 
  • Author Events - the Mysterious Bookshop frequently hosts mystery book launches and other mystery author events.

Fun Facts About the Mysterious Bookshop

In addition to being a mystery bookseller, the store's proprietor, Otto Penzler, is himself a mystery book writer, a mystery book editor and a mystery book publisher. He owns several mystery publishing concerns, runs a number of mystery imprints and is the editor of numerous mystery anthologies (plus the occasional zombie book).

Penzler has been honored multiple times with Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America, including a Raven Award for the Mysterious Bookshop's contributions to the advancement of the mystery genre. 

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