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Most Consumers Since ‘09 See a Bad Business Year Ahead
$514 - That’s how much more a typical monthly mortgage payment cost for homebuyers in May than at the beginning of the year—but things have stopped worsening so quickly.
New Mortgage Payments Have Risen $514 in Just 5 Months
$ 12 billion
Next Up in Government’s Sights: Credit Card Late Fees
Median Home Price Breaks $400,000 Despite Cooler Market
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Biden Ponders Pausing the Federal Gas Tax
NOTD - 76.1%
Gas Prices, Supply Chain Risks Sour CEOs on Economy
Bitcoin Has Given Up Most of Its Crypto-Boom Gains
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One Gauge Sees 0% GDP Growth in Second Quarter
Last Time Rates Were 6.51%, Homes Were Half the Price
30-Year Mortgage Rate Spikes to New Milestone of 6.20%
Consumer Pessimism Reaches Record Low for 70-Year Poll
Median Rent Tops $2,000 as Americans Struggle to Buy
Will Home Prices Ease? 79% Say It’s a Bad Time To Buy
NOTD - 11.8 Million
Student Loan Limbo Especially Biting for 11.8 Million
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Cooling Overdue for Home Prices Up 42% Since COVID Hit
NOTD - 3.8%
Wage Growth Slowed. Could That Be Good News?
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Many Student Loans Were Going Unpaid Even Pre-Pandemic
NOTD - $5
Get Ready for $5 Gas This Summer, Analyst Warns
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Inflation Dispirits Consumers More Than Lockdowns Did
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Saving Rate Falls to Lowest Since Great Recession
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$1.25 Puts More Green on Dollar Tree
Will Gas Prices Put Summer Travel Plans on Ice?
Swell in New Home Listings Signals Chill to Hot Market
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10% Bounced Back Better After Pandemic Financial Losses
NOTD - $15,582
Here Are 15,582 Reasons ARM Loans Are Getting Popular
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If Unemployment Reaches 4% Soon, Brace Yourself
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Few CEOs See US Avoiding Economic Downturn
NOTD - 50
Gas Tops $4 a Gallon in Every State of the Union
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As S&P Sits at Cusp of Bear Market, Where’s the Bottom?
Gas Prices Won’t Stop Breaking Records
NOTD - 8%
Few See Crypto As a Long-Term Commitment
NOTD - 18.6%
Travelers Wave Goodbye to Cheap Pandemic-Era Flights
Buyer’s Remorse? Maybe, for Post-Super Bowl Bitcoin
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Recent Losing Streak Ends Longest S&P Run Since 1928
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US Revolving Credit Balance Spikes Amid Soaring Prices
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As Warnings Mount, Will Anyone Want Bitcoin in 401(k)s?
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Gallup Poll Shows Stark Pivot in Home Buying Appeal
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Job Seekers Have Never Had So Many Options
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Diesel Prices Threaten to Make Inflation Even Worse
NOTD - $48,620
College Students’ Paycheck Hopes Don’t Match Reality
NOTD - 70%
Did You Pay for Tax Prep? You Probably Didn’t Have To
Biden Might Go It Alone on Student Loan Forgiveness
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US Economic Growth to Slow to a Crawl in First Quarter
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Multiple Job Offers Are Increasingly Common, Poll Shows
Surprise! Homes Are More Affordable Now Than in 2000
A Measure of People on Unemployment Hits Record Low
Monthly Payment To Buy a House Shoots Up Since December
Pricey Mortgages Predicted To Chill Hot Housing Market
Just Like That, 30-Year Mortgage Leaps To 6.19%
Most People Don’t Understand How IRS Extensions Work
NOTD - 18%
Economic Future Suddenly Looks Brighter To Consumers
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Pandemic Relief Boosts Taxpayer Refunds
NOTD - $0
Inflation Has Officially Wiped Out Pandemic Pay Raises
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Homebuyers Race To Lock In Rates Before They Get Worse
NOTD number.
Gas Prices Are Getting Better—Slowly
NOTD - $83
Overnight, Buying a House Costs $83 More a Month
NOTD - 6
When Will People Have to Pay Student Loans Again?
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Brace Yourselves for 2023, Economic Forecasters Say
Job Markets Like This Lead to Recession, Summers Says
NOTD number
There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel for Job Market