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Virus Fears Spook Stocks; Dow Has Worst Day This Year
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Financial Illiteracy May Cost Average American $1,634
$15 billion
IRS Sends First-Ever Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments
Child Credit Payments Thursday May Surprise Many Parents
NOTD - 47%
It’s Been 40 Years Since So Many Places Hiked Prices
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Consumer Inflation Expectations Jump to New High
Number Of The Day, July 9, 2021
Biden Targets Monopolies Said to Cost Families Thousands
Runaway Home Prices Require Quintupling Monthly Savings
Restaurant Workers Flex Leverage, Quit en Masse
20 cents - That’s how much the average price of a gallon of gas could rise by the end of August, according to AAA’s latest estimates
Summer Pain Ahead at the Gas Pump, AAA Says
NOTD - 9.2%
Black Workers Face Steeper Climb From Worst of Pandemic
NOTD - $2,433
Shopping for a Used Car? Prepare for Sticker Shock
29% - NOTD
Turnover Wave Approaches, As More Workers Plan To Quit
NOTD - 5
Ban on Evictions Narrowly Upheld by Supreme Court
NOTD - 16
Consumer Attitudes Emerge From Pandemic Sunny-Side Up
NOTD - 1,855%
Want A House In Seattle? Be Prepared to Pay Up
43.6 Million -- Number of the Day
Roadtrippers Seen In Record Numbers This July 4 Holiday
Final Countdown Begins on Eviction, Foreclosure Bans
NOTD - 53%
Retirement Optimism Rises After Pandemic, Schwab Says
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Despite Appearances, Home Sales Fizzle, Not Sizzle
2 million
Millions Won’t Automatically Get New Child Tax Credit
NOTD - 29%
Turnover Wave Approaches, As More Workers Plan To Quit
Number of the Day
What Was At Stake in the Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling
5.5 million
US Faces Massive Gap in Housing Stock, Report Finds
Number of the Day
Mortgage Rates Are in Hover Mode After Runup
83 cents
Just in Time for Summer, Gas Prices Are Rising Again
Real Estate Lobby: Let Renter Eviction Ban End June 30
Number of the Day - 3
Renting a Car Costs a Fortune Now: Here’s Why
Help Wanted Getting Help: HR Job Postings Outpace
Number of the Day 48%
Nearly Half of U.S. Small Businesses Have Job Openings
Consumers Grow Far Gloomier About Home Buying
NOTD - 14
May Hiring Pace Signals Full Recovery Still 14 Months Out
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Federal Aid Helped Everyone Put Food on the Table
Frequent Overdrafters Live on the Financial Edge
Brace Yourselves for Another Heavy Hurricane Season
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Slim Majority Favor Vaccine Mandates to Return to Work
US, Emerging From Pandemic, Keeps Penchant for Saving
NOTD - 45%
Stuck Until Spring, Jobless Claims Drop Sharply
Income Disparities Show Many Asian American Experiences
NOTD - 40%
Ready for Takeoff? Summer Travel Returns to 2019 Level
2014 - NOTD
Hitting the Road This Memorial Day? Be Ready to Pay
NOTD - 25%
Housing: The One Market Where Cash Is Increasingly King
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Soaring Market Makes Millionaires of Retirement Savers
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Lack of Vacant Lots Compounds Housing Shortage
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DIY’ers Pause Projects Due to Soaring Material Costs
65 million
Monthly Tax Credit Payments to Help 65 Million Children
4.8 Million
Red State Back-to-Work Trend Could Impact 4.8 Million
1.18 Million
Behind the Tesla Reversal: Bitcoin’s Environmental Toll
NOTD - 10%
Low Inventory Hits the Gas on Used Car Prices
993,000 - NOTD
Plenty of Jobs on the Menu As Restaurants Crave Workers
$3 - that's how much an average gallon of gas may cost this week, AAA says.
Fill Her Up! Gas Could Hit $3 per Gallon This Week
711,500 - NOTD
Massive Number of Missing Jobs Proves Head-Scratcher
NOTD - 4
Jobless Data Is Now Firmly in New Territory
Is Federal Aid Causing Labor Shortage? Montana Thinks So
That Trade-In Car Could Earn You Top Dollar
NOTD $35,872
Runaway Lumber Costs Send New Home Prices Soaring
16.3% - NOTD
Great Scott! Inflation Is Real on Toilet Paper Prices
$1.4 trillion NOTD
Investing in IRS Can Help Pay for Biden’s Spending Plan
Biden: Bigger, Better Child Tax Credit Should Last Through 2025
12 million
School Meals, Free for Another Year, Seen As Lifeline