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13 Percent
Child Care Eats Up 13% of Family Income, Treasury Says
11.7 Million
Stimulus Payments Kept Poverty in Check, Census Says
6.4 Million
A Reason To Spread the Word About the Child Tax Credit
Delta Air’s Vaccination Rate Takes Off After Surcharge
Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Extends to Corporate America
Citing Food Bills, Biden Takes Aim at Meat Processors
Bitcoin's Moving Up in the World
Union Approval Hits Half-Century High
NOTD - 41,500
Restaurants’ Recovery Takes a Step Back in August
144 million
Ringing off the Hook Gets a New Meaning at the IRS
17 percent
Employers Eye Vaccination-Based Insurance Premiums
Number of the Day
Thirteen Isn’t Unlucky for the S&P 500
$35 billion
Ida Could Rank Among Costliest Hurricanes Ever
1.55 Million
Ban May Have Stopped 1.55 Million Evictions
Number of the Day
What You Don’t Know Can Cost You, 401(k) Study Shows
NOTD - $200
Unvaccinated? If You Work for Delta, It Will Cost You
NOTD - 90%
Most New Homes For Sale Haven’t Even Been Built Yet
High Prices Squeeze First-Time Homebuyers Out of Market
As Jobless Benefits End, Study Paints Complex Picture
Number of the Day
Goldman Cuts GDP Outlook on Delta’s Economic Impact
Building Pace Another Promising Sign for House Hunters
Stepping Out Means Spending Big in Summer of Reopening
US Makes Unprecedented Hike to Food Assistance Benefit
NOTD - 15
Home Sellers Lower Their Expectations—and Prices
NOTD - 62%
Remote Work Is a Perk Worth Paying For, Survey Says
7—That's how many months inflation-adjusted hourly earnings have fallen, showing that rising prices are steadily eroding workers' buying power despite wage increases.
Inflation Erodes Workers’ Pay Increases
Reversing Trend, More Shoppers Cut Spending, Poll Shows
Democrats Advance Proposed Cap on Child Care Costs
NOTD - 7
Hiring Boom Picks Up Pace of Job Market Recovery
NOTD - $5 Billion
Billions in Unemployment Payments Will Stop on Labor Day
NOTD - 3%
Mortgage Rates Fall to Near Record Lows
Nearly Half All Mortgage Debt Borrowed in the Last Year
NOTD - 3.6 Million.
Millions Are More Vulnerable As Eviction Ban Expires
NOTD image.
Fed’s Preferred Inflation Measure Jumps Again in June
11.8% Number of Day
Consumers Add Juice to the Economic Recovery
Number of the Day - 3
Eviction Ban Enters Its Final Days
57%: That’s the share of Americans who plan to buy a major appliance within the next 6 months
Consumers Have Big Purchases in Their Sights
NOTD - 3
New Home Sales Fall For Third Straight Month
NOTD - 25
US Lowers Mortgage Bills to Stave Off Foreclosure Wave
NOTD 0.13 percentage point
30-Year Mortgage Rate Nears Record Low on Downturn Fear
Number of the Day.
Don’t Get Too Used to New Child Tax Credit, Poll Shows
Number of the Day
Federal Jobless Benefits to Cost $53B Less Than Expected
Number of the Day
Virus Fears Spook Stocks; Dow Has Worst Day This Year
number of the day
Financial Illiteracy May Cost Average American $1,634
$15 billion
IRS Sends First-Ever Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments
Child Credit Payments Thursday May Surprise Many Parents
NOTD - 47%
It’s Been 40 Years Since So Many Places Hiked Prices
Number of the Day
Consumer Inflation Expectations Jump to New High
Number Of The Day, July 9, 2021
Biden Targets Monopolies Said to Cost Families Thousands
Runaway Home Prices Require Quintupling Monthly Savings
Restaurant Workers Flex Leverage, Quit en Masse
20 cents - That’s how much the average price of a gallon of gas could rise by the end of August, according to AAA’s latest estimates
Summer Pain Ahead at the Gas Pump, AAA Says
NOTD - 9.2%
Black Workers Face Steeper Climb From Worst of Pandemic
NOTD - $2,433
Shopping for a Used Car? Prepare for Sticker Shock
29% - NOTD
Turnover Wave Approaches, As More Workers Plan To Quit
NOTD - 16
Consumer Attitudes Emerge From Pandemic Sunny-Side Up
NOTD - 1,855%
Want A House In Seattle? Be Prepared to Pay Up
43.6 Million -- Number of the Day
Roadtrippers Seen In Record Numbers This July 4 Holiday
Final Countdown Begins on Eviction, Foreclosure Bans
Number of the Day
Despite Appearances, Home Sales Fizzle, Not Sizzle