Laura Leavitt

Laura Leavitt

Saving, investing, insurance, loans
Freelance Writer
Appalachian State University, Miami University of Ohio


  • Passionate about breaking down personal finance topics so they can be put into practice
  • Has written about personal finance since 2016
  • Background in higher education helps her balance clarity and precision


Laura Leavitt is a freelance writer for The Balance covering saving, investing, insurance, and loans. Laura first began her personal finance writing when she first wrote for The Billfold, a personal finance publication focused on first-person stories. She realized that personal finance could be for all ages and all types of people, even so-called "creative types" like herself. Since then, she's written for NextAdvisor, MoneyGeek, Personal Finance Insider, and The Financial Diet, interviewing experts and learning a lot along the way.

Prior to her freelance writing career, Laura worked in university writing centers, where she put into practice clarifying and simplifying complex writing concepts every day with her student employees and other students.

Laura has a bachelor's degree from Appalachian State University in Spanish and English, as well as a master's degree in English from Miami University of Ohio.

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