Nontraditional Resumes

What's a Nontraditional Resume and How to Use One

Are you interested in making a high impact impression on an employer? A nontraditional resume can be a way to get your application noticed. Not all companies welcome anything more than they request in a job posting, but depending on the type of position you're applying for and where you want to work, a different type of resume can help promote your candidacy.

Here's what you need to know about nontraditional resumes including what a nontraditional resume is, when you need more than a traditional resume, how a nontraditional resume can enhance your job hunt, the pros and cons of using them, plus examples of a variety of types of online resumes and portfolios.

Types of Nontraditional Resumes

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What's a nontraditional resume? A nontraditional resume is a resume that includes more than a list of your employment history on a typed page or two of paper. Most of these types of resumes focus on a visual impact and include graphics, photos and/or video.

Nontraditional resumes include infographic resumes, online portfolios, video resumes, personal career-focused websites and blogs, social resumes and more of the types of resumes that go beyond just the facts when showcasing your experience, skills and accomplishments.

Anything more than a traditional resume on paper is considered a nontraditional resume. Review this list of different types of nontraditional resumes used by job seekers. More

Pros and Cons of Nontraditional Resumes

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Nontraditional resumes are not for everyone and you don't have to have one. You can get by just fine with a resume and a cover letter. That's all most employers require.

However, expanding your presence with an online resume can be very beneficial for certain types of job applicants. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether you should consider making one. More

Nontraditional Resume Tips

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Review these tips on when to use a nontraditional resume, whether it will impact your job search in a positive way, and how nontraditional resumes can help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your prospects for employment.

If you do decide to make one, remember it will supplement your job application materials, not replace them. You'll still need to provide all the materials the employer requests. More

Free Custom Resume Websites


Consider using a free website, like, to to design, build, store and share your online resume to feature your skills and accomplishments in a visual manner.

These are a quick and easy way to build a resume online - in minutes -  that showcases your qualifications and you don’t need to have tech skills. More

Online Portfolios

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An online portfolio is another great way to showcase your talent in a multimedia format, especially for those in creative careers and industries. Review information on portfolios and when you need one. More

LinkedIn Profiles

It's easy to use your LinkedIn profile as a resume, because LinkedIn does the work for you. Fill in your LinkedIn profile as completely as possible and you'll have an online resume that you can download as a PDF, print and share via email. You can even add references to show employers what others think of your qualifications. More

Personal Websites

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You don't have to be a web developer to create your own website. Blogging tools have made it easier for every-day web users to build their own site that showcases their work experience, skills and talents, resume, and professional portfolio. More