Nikki Elmwood

Fact-checking, , ,
Portland State University


  • Has worked as a fact checker for Dotdash since 2019
  • Has over six years of experience fact-checking, editing, and proofreading online media, as well as thousands of pages of manuscripts
  • Has edited training and educational materials for several industry-leading companies


Nikki Elmwood is a meticulous professional with over six years of experience fact-checking a wide range of topics for both print and online media. In addition to her fact-checking experience, she also has several years of valuable editing, proofreading, and writing experience—including her extensive work on health, safety, and business manuals for an international green power company. Some of her freelance editing clients have included producers of training and educational materials for organizations in a variety of different fields ranging from commerce to biotechnology, and this experience has informed her work at Dotdash.


Nikki received a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University.