New Year New Money

Get Your Money Together One Day at a Time

It’s the new year and for many, it’s a time to commit—or re-commit—to living their best life. It might be trying out a new fitness routine, starting a new diet, or making a new list of books to read. And, of course, it could be a promise to build better money habits.

We’ve zeroed in on four important personal finance goals—eliminating credit card debt, creating a budget, saving, and getting taxes done early—and broken each down into simple, five-step projects, one for each week of the month. You can tackle each step individually or as part of the larger plan. Even the smallest tasks can have a positive effect on your money, although you’ll gain the most from a project if you stick with it through the end. Similarly, you can choose to take on one project in the series, or two or three (or even all four). The important thing is to harness that good, new-year feeling and put it into action.

Where appropriate, we’ve provided Google Sheets spreadsheets to help you track the details and do the math for you. They’re free to use and share (although you’ll need a Google account to access them).