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What you tell clients in your new job letter is important, but so is the timing

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When you're making an announcement to your clients that you are moving to a new job, there's a lot more to consider than sending out a simple form letter. Timing is everything. The company you are moving to might make an announcement in the local newspaper "movers and shakers" section, on its website, in a newsletter, or in a tweet to its own customers. You'll update your LinkedIn profile. You'll tell a few friends.

The problem is, if word leaks out and your clients hear about the move before you've let them know personally, you've got a public relations disaster. If you're in a business that relies on client referrals and you hope to bring your clients along with you, you're making a big mistake by letting your clients feel like they were the last to know.

Make a Timeline

In the best scenario, you can work with both your previous employer and your new one to plan your announcement timing and strategy. Your clients are your top priority. According to Leslie Bradshaw, managing partner of the innovation company Made by Many, you should plan the When, What, and Where of your announcement: When you will make the announcement, What information you want to get across (your "talking points") and Where you will make the announcement (e.g., social media, formal print letter).

What to Tell Clients in Your Letter

Bradshaw recommends showing "reverence and gratitude" in your letter.

You'll want to be professional and gracious in thanking your former employer and most especially your clients. Keep your letter positive, as well: Things were great, and they're only going to get better. Finally, Bradshaw says it is critical to inform the recipients of the timing of your move. Your clients will want to know when the change is happening.

They will also want to know what to expect with this move. What will change in doing business with you? Or if they are staying with your former employer, whom will they do business with from this point on?

Example of a New Job Announcement Letter

Here's an example of a new job announcement letter that a real estate agent might send to clients.

Subject: New Position Announcement

Dear Valued Clients,

I am pleased to let you know of my new position with ABC Realtors. You can continue to expect the same commitment and dedication that I have shown for the past six years at DEF Realty with the additional support of a company that offers properties and offices throughout the US.

It is my hope with this change that I will be better able to serve you in all your real estate needs at the present time as well as in the future.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and let me know when I can assist you in finding your next property.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Falls
57 First St.
Anytown, USA
(800) 555-1111

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