7 Traits Employers Look for in New Hires

One of the biggest challenges employers face is hiring the right kind of talent. Here are some of the traits that employers are looking for when it comes to interns and entry-level talent:

  • Strong Work Ethic. Employers want to hire young people that are going to do what they need to do to get the job done. They don’t want employees who complain about working long hours when they are on deadline for a project. They want people who come in, do great work, finish that work, and know when to call it a day.
  • Reliable. We just made a video where I go over the top traits employers are looking for when hiring in 2016. Employers want to hire people they can count on. They want to know that whoever they hire will be consistent, punctual, and get their work done.
  • Stays Positive When Overwhelmed. We all have tough days at work. We all have days where our plans change and we don’t get to finish the projects we thought we’d wrap up. Employers want to hire people who can stay positive through the storm. A negative attitude is not healthy for a team of or for a business.
  • Flexible. At my company, everyone has their plan for the day, until it changes. And then we all have to be flexible and adaptable and switch things around. It’s important that employers hire people who are okay being flexible and shifting priorities around.
  • Honest. Employers value employees who are honest. Employees should go out of their way to maintain an open dialogue with their employers. If any problems arise, always be honest and make sure that your employer trusts you.
  • Professional. In today’s workplace, it’s important that everyone at the company understands the difference between a boss and a best friend . Young employees must remain professional and should not be drinking, after hours texting, Facebooking, or flirting with their superiors at work.
  • Resourceful. At Intern Queen, there’s a phrase we always use – FIO. It stands for Figure It Out. Employers want to hire young people who know how to be resourceful and scrappy. They want to hire people that are solution-oriented. These employees should focus on solutions rather than problems.


Employers value employees they can trust and value their loyalty to the company


Employers value employees who exhibit behavior that is professional at all times.