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The military uses three different ways to say the word "job" depending upon the branch of service.  In the Army & Marines, an enlisted job is called an "MOS" (Military Occupation Specialty). In the Air Force, the enlisted job is known as an "AFSC" (Air Force Specialty Code). In the Navy & Coast Guard, an enlisted job is called a "Rating."  The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes are then organized by ratings  The Navy uses this NEC and Rating system of classifying and organizing jobs its members receive training in and perform on a daily basis.


For example, the rating for a Navy Hospital Corpsman is HM. However, just holding the rating of HM does not tell us what specific medical job that person performs. However, if he/she held the NEC HM-8407, we could look at the below list of ratings and find out that the person is qualified as a Radiation Health Technician and holds that NEC.

The Navy Enlisted Classification system, of which the NEC coding system is a part, supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes.

Below are the current Navy Enlisted Classification codes, organized by basic communities.  Click to see associated ratings:


Air Traffic Controller

Aircraft Systems Maintenance Personnel

Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

Aviation Boatswain's Mate

Aviation Electrician's Mate

Aviation Electronics Technician

Aviation Initial

Aviation Machinist's Mate

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman

Aviation Mechanic

Aviation Ordnanceman

Aviation Support Technicians

Aviation Warfare Systems Operator

Boatswain's Mate


Construction Electrician

Cryptologic Technician

Cryptologic Technician (Technical)

Culinary Specialist

Damage Controlman

Dental Technician

Disbursing Clerk

Electrician's Mate

Electronics Technician

Electronics Technician and Fire Control Technician

Engineering Aid


Equipment Operator

Fire Control Technician

Fire Controlman

Gas Turbine Systems Technician

Gunner's Mate

Hospital Corpsman

Hull Maintenance Technician

Individual Augmentee

Information Systems Technician

Intelligence Specialist

Interior Communications Electrician


Machinery Repairman

Machinist's Mate

Mass Communication

Master at Arms


Missile Technicians


Naval Aircrewman

Navy Counselor

Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator/Supervisor

Operations Specialist


Postal Clerk


Religious Program Specialist

Ship's Serviceman

Sonar Technician

Special Series (General)

Special Warfare/Diver

Steel Worker


Storekeeper (Aviation)



As you click through the job opportunities above, you will also see the qualification you must have after taking the ASVAB, medical review at MEPS, and for some an extended fitness test (Special Warfare / Special Ops / Rescue Swimmer for example). 

Some NECs are not available to new recruits as they are additional requirements that years of experience in the Navy can only provide.

 But receiving a Rating during the recruitment process in a field you are interested in will make progress in that job possible and therefore you can be eligible for higher pay grade opportunities.  Switching ratings in the Navy is also possible if you decide you want to strike for another career field.

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