Overview of Naval Air Station Lemoore, California


Home of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Lemoore is the Navy’s newest, largest, and only west coast Master Jet Base. As home for all Navy F/A-18 Strike Fighter Squadrons on the west coast, NAS Lemoore is committed to supporting the Strike Fighter Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet, in its mission to train, man and equip our Strike Fighter Squadrons. Nearly every organization on base either directly or indirectly supports the ability of the base’s homeported Strike Fighter Squadrons to deploy aboard U.S. Pacific Fleet’s aircraft carriers which project America’s interests over more than half the Earth’s surface, from the west coast of the United States to the east coast of Africa.

Naval Air Station Lemoore is located in California's Central Valley. The town of Lemoore is a military-friendly, low to medium cost area. The surrounding area is covered for as far as the eye can see with agricultural crops of all types. In 1954, the Navy searched the central California area for land to build a master jet air station - one with congestion-free air space. Lemoore was chosen because of its central location, good weather for flying, relatively inexpensive land and nearby accommodations.

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Location/Driving Directions

Located 40 miles south of Fresno, California, NAS Lemoore lies in San Joaquin Valley, the state's top agricultural-producing region. NAS Lemoore offers a small hometown atmosphere of rural America within easy drive to some of this nation’s favorite vacation areas.

The main gate is located on Highway 198, six miles west of Highway 41 and the city of Lemoore. This gate leads to all base support functions and base housing. Six miles further west is the Operations gate where all flightline operations take place. Military buses provide transportation between the Bachelor Housing area and Operations area in the morning and afternoon hours only.

The Naval Air Station is located on Highway 198, 19 miles east of Interstate 5 or 30 miles west of Highway 99. Both highways provide easy access to the air station.

The closest commercial airport is located in Fresno, California. A NAS Lemoore military shuttle bus picks up military members on official orders from the Fresno airport seven days a week at noon, 5 p.m. and at midnight. Arriving Sailors and Marines should go to the Information Desk in the lobby and wait there for the shuttle. The shuttle schedule can be confirmed by calling the base billeting office at (559) 997-7000.

Main Phone Numbers

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Rick West. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy; photo by: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jennifer A. Villalovos

Base Operator (From On-Base 00) 559-998-0100

Akers School (On Base) 559-998-5707 (K3 and 6th-8th)

American Red Cross 559-998-3388

American Red Cross 559-998-5015 (off hours)

BEQ 559-998-4609

BOQ 559-998-4609

Chaplain's Office 559-998-4618

Child Development Center 559-998-4918

Command Duty Officer 559-998-3300

Commanding Officer 559-998-3344

Commissary 559-998-4827

Construction Battalion Unit 559-998-4169

Dental 559-998-4219

Editor, Golden Eagle 559-998-3396

Family Support FFSC 559-998-4042

FLTIMAGFACPAC 559-998-1125

Gym 559-998-4883

Household Effects 559-998-3876

Housing Office 559-998-4922

Housing Trouble Desk 559-998-9746

Judge Advocate General 559-998-3348

MWR 559-998-4886

Navy Exchange 559-998-4722

Naval Hospital 559-998-4481

Navy Lodge 559-998-5791

Neutra School 559-998-6823 K-5

NCIS 559-998-3373

Personal Property 559-998-2624

Personnel Support Detachment 559-998-4012

Public Works 559-998-4138

Resource Management 559-998-3328

Safety Office 559-998-3932

Security Department 559-998-4749

Supply 559-998-4541

Population/Major Units Assigned

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Staff Sgt. Hector Garcia
The Pacific Strike Fighter Wing with its supporting facilities are home ported at Naval Air Station Lemoore. Naval Air Station Lemoore serves approximately 7,200 military, 1,300 civilians, and 10,900 dependents, 12,825 Retirees/Dependents, 500 Students/ Transients, and 825 reservists.

Temporary Lodging

Navy Lodge.

Navy Lodge Lemoore, Tracker Avenue, Bldg. 919 Phone: (559) 998-5791 or 1-800-NAVY-INN, provides temporary lodging for military personnel and their dependents, sponsored friends, sponsored family members, reservists, Department of Defense employees, civilian contractors, and retired military personnel. Navy Lodge Lemoore is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for reservations and check-in.

The Navy Lodge is located on base and has 72 rooms with kitchenettes. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance by calling 559-998-4861 or 800-NAVY-INN. The Navy Lodge is pet-friendly and allows small dogs. Check with Navy Lodging prior to bring your pet. Don't forget to include when you expect to arrive and enclose a copy of your orders.

Reservations are accepted for all eligible personnel on an as-received basis. Once a reservation is made, it is confirmed and you cannot be bumped. Early reservations are recommended.

Prior to any Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, every military family considers housing for Naval Air Station, Lemoore. The Housing Office and Relocation Assistance Program Work/Life Specialist can provide information and guidance regarding on-base options as well as the local real estate market. Information includes: Once you arrive with family members, you will receive 10 days Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE). Ensure you make reservations with the Navy Lodge web page prior to your arrival.

NAS Lemoore provides information on Temporary Housing, Bachelor Quarters, Rental Partnership Programs, Local Rental Properties, On-Base versus Off-Base Living, Local requirements such as military clauses, security clauses, and utilities.

Combined Bachelor Quarters (CBQ) provides the highest quality facilities and services to permanent part and transient unaccompanied house customers. The BQ Complex consists of 27 permanent party barracks and 5 transient barracks with a total of 1,540 rooms and 2,810 beds.

Check-in and check-out for all permanent party and transient customers is at Desk Services, Building 800 which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fore more information on Visitor Quarters, Space "A" requirements, and on current room rates call 559-998-7000 or DSN 312-949-7000.

There are NO PETS allowed in the Bachelors Quarters and Transient Barracks.

RV Lodging at Naval Air Station Lemoore is controlled by the Morale, Welfare, & Recreation Department (MWR). The use of the MWR RV facilities is restricted to active duty, dependents, retired military, DOD Civilian and Reservists. Inactive Reservists and National Guard personnel are authorized day-to-day use based on space availability. Active duty military are allowed 180 days consecutively or 30-31 day increments not to exceed 180 days per calendar year. To find out more information about the RV Park and make Reservations, please call 559-997-7000.


Bachelors Enlisted quarters. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Over 4,100 military families reside in the Lemoore area with approximately 40% of these families housed in government quarters. There are 1590 government homes located at NAS Lemoore. Of these homes, 1436 are enlisted units and 154 are officer units. There are over 193 applicants waiting for government quarters. Waiting times can be as little as 0-1 month, or as long as 8-12 months depending on rank and family size.

The Navy has joined both Lincoln Property Services, Inc. and Clark Construction to improve and expand housing for service members and their families.

Service members with eligible family members must check-in with the Housing Office located at 966 Franklin Avenue, within 30 days of arrival. This does not obligate you to move into base housing. Based on your needs, requirements, and eligibility entitlements, you will be placed on the appropriate waitlist or assisted in locating off station housing.

Reagan Park hosts 40 FY68 units, 2 and 3 bedrooms, designated for E1-E4, located at the north end of Reagan Park. All are pet friendly units (2 pets max, any mix or breed) with large fenced yards. These units are projected to be replaced during 2008-2009 calendar year.

Coral Sea, Constellation, Midway, Carl Vinson, Reagan, and Stone Parks all have single and two story duplex style units with 2 to 4 bedrooms, small fenced yards, single attached garage, and some are ADA compliant units. All are pet friendly.

Stone Park hosts single and two story duplex style 3 and 4 bedroom units designated for Enlisted E7-E9. All are pet friendly.


Reagan and Stone Parks have one and two story 3 and 4 bedroom homes designated for Officers. Styles are a mix of single family detached with attached two-car garage and duplex with either single or double garages. All are pet friendly.

Service members checking into Bachelor Quarters must report to the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites located in Building 800. To check into a room you will need to present a copy of your orders to be eligible to receive a room. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are reporting and wishing to receive a room while in a Geographical Bachelor status please call NAS Lemoore BEQ Manager at 559-998-0597 prior to reporting. Arrangements will be made to accommodate your needs as long as room exists.

All single E-4 and below must reside within the Bachelor Quarters. All E-5 and above are eligible to live in the local commuting area. To request BAH, you must run a special request chit through your command and NAS Lemoore Commanding Officer.

All barracks are completely furnished and centrally located to the Galley and NEX Q-Mart. There are scheduled bus runs to Operations side of the base with centrally located bus stops.

NAS Lemoore utilizes unit integrity berthing allocations.


R. J. Neutra Elementary School.

The Kings County school population is comprised of 33,701 students. There are over 2,000 elementary and 535 high school students within the educational system that are connected with the military.

Public schools normally start the third week in August and run through the first week in June with the standard holidays being observed. Some elementary schools in the Hanford area are on the year-round track schedule.

There are no DOD schools at NAS Lemoore. However, there are two schools located onboard the Naval Air Station serving children from kindegarten through the eighth grade. Depending on where you live on base determines which school your child will attend.

High School age children residing onboard the Air Station are bused into Lemoore (7 miles east) and attend Lemoore High School. Lemoore High school is considered by many to be one of the top schools in the valley. It is a comprehensive high school whose curriculum offers an extensive variety of advanced placement, honors, and college prep courses as well as a broad choice of vocational education courses.

Many good private schools are available in the Hanford/Lemoore area. No state funds are expended on their operation. Most private schools have a religious affiliation or relationship.

There are many elementary schools throughout Kings County that offer a wide range of programs. Most have a GATE program, a Resource Specialist and sports programs for students. In addition to the public school system there are several private schools in the Hanford/Lemoore area.

NAS Lemoore has one of the finest and most comprehensive voluntary education programs in the Navy. The Navy College Program encompasses the Navy College Office and academic centers from Lemoore Adult School, West Hills Community College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Chapman University and Columbia College, as well as the computer based Navy College Learning Center.

The Navy College Office (NCO) has overall responsibility for voluntary education and provides a broad range of programs and services. Basic services include Tuition Assistance (TA), academic information, advising, counseling and testing. Additionally, the NCO processes Graduate Education (GEVs), Sailor/Marine ACE Registry Transcripts (SMART) and external degree packages. NCO staff also provide assistance with the United Services Military Apprentice Program (US-MAP) and Servicemember's Opportunity College Navy or SOCNAV.

Child Care

Lemoore Youth Center Playground. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The MWR Youth Services Center was designed to support one of the largest youth programs in the Navy, supporting youth from 5 to 18 years of age and features an indoor gym, a computer/ homework center with 14 Internet capable computers, a larger teen center space, snack bar and six class/activity rooms. Currently the School Age Care (SAC) program supports approximately 145 children, daily average of 85 teens, and over 1000 children participate in the Youth Sports Program.

The CDC is located in Building 965, Franklin Avenue and can be reached at 559-998-4918 or DSN 312-949-4918. The Child Development Center offers full time care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The CDC is compromised of a main program center and two annexes with a capacity of approximately 300. Programs within the CDC are developmental in nature to meet the social, physical, emotional and cognitive needs of children.

The CDC Services are in high demand with a waiting list for full-time care spaces.

The Child Development Homes Program is compromised of approximately 15 homes. Providers are an extension of the Child Development Center offering a variety of childcare services to meet the unique needs of the military schedule. The CDH office is located in the Child Development Center.

Medical Care

Naval Hospital Lemoore. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Hospital Lemoore is a state-of-the-art, 16 bed, community hospital located on Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore. It is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and has earned their "Gold Seal of Approval"

Routine appointments can be made with Central Appointments at (559) 998-0889, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

If you require urgent, but non-emergency care after hospital hours or on the weekend, call the Immediate Care Clinic at (559) 998-4435. The Immediate Care Clinic is open
24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You are required to obtain an authorization from TriWest Healthcare Alliance at 1-888-TRIWEST (874-9378) prior to seeking urgent care outside of the military hospital with a civilian provider.

Naval Hospital Lemoore does not have an emergency room. For emergencies, call 911 or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room. No pre-authorization is required. If you are admitted into a civilian hospital, you or a family member are required to contact our hospital or notify TriWest at 1-888-TRIWEST (874-9378) within 24 hours, or as soon as medically reasonable.

The Maternal Infant Unit has six delivery LDPR (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum) rooms. These delivery suites offer a family-centered environment for mothers, fathers, and their new babies.

The Wellness Center offers programs on nutrition education, weight management, meal planning, diabetes meal planning, cholesterol education, fitness assessments, tobacco cessation, and a nutritional information library. Call (559) 998-4584 for additional information on these programs.

The main Dental Clinic is located in Building 926 just south of the hospital, and the Operations Side Dental Clinic is located in Building 11 on the operations side of the base. Comprehensive dental care services are provided by active duty military members. Specialty care in oral surgery, periodontics, and prosthodontics is available. Routine examinations and appointments for treatment may be scheduled by calling main Dental Clinic at (559) 998-4220 or the Operations Side Dental Clinic at (559) 998-4300.

Military sick call is held at either clinic Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Important Telephone Numbers

Central Appointments 998-0889

Immediate Care Clinic/After Hours/Weekends (559) 998-4435

Emergency 911

TRICARE Service Center 1-888-TRIWEST (874-9378)

Health Benefits Advisors 559) 998-4456 or (559) 998-2552

Naval Hospital Lemoore Information Desk/Quarterdeck (559) 998-4481