National Directory of Insurance (NDOI) Website Launch

Getty Images/Lisa Noble Photography.

A new website has launched with the idea of making the world of insurance more transparent to the average American consumer. It is called the National Directory of Insurance (NDOI): The foundation directory is made up of over one million insurance agents nationwide. Users can choose to remain anonymous and there is no fee to have your questions answered by an insurance professional.

The co-founder of NDOI states of the website’s debut, "No other site connects people directly to licensed insurance professionals, all eager and willing to provide assistance," and then went on to say, "Gone is the frustration of aimlessly searching the Internet for answers to insurance questions.

NDOI is literally a one-stop shop for every type of insurance."

The idea for the website came together by a group of insurance and technology professionals. Their idea was to provide a place where consumers looking for insurance information could come to find answers to questions and help in making an informed decision when purchasing insurance. The owners equated their idea to the concept of a food court providing food choices for hungry people.

Website Tools, Features and Benefits

This website is another tool for you if you are looking to find the best value on an insurance policy or if you just need some information or additional resources. Here are some of the things you can do on the National Directory of Insurance website:

  • GetMatched: The “GetMatched” feature allows consumers the option to find an insurance agent that will be able to help them with personal or business insurance needs.
  • LiveReply: A “LiveReply” feature will allow a licensed insurance professional to provide a direct answer to insurance questions.
  • What’s That?: There is a “What’s That?” feature providing help to insurance customers with difficult-to-understand insurance terms and jargon. The feature provides a glossary for these terms.
  • Local or National Results: You can search for insurance agents both on a local or national basis.
  • One Stop Shopping: The website provides a way for consumers to shop for all types of insurance in one location with no associated fee. Consumers can choose to remain anonymous or provide their personal information to continue with the online insurance purchase process.

Lead Generation

Insurance agents will also find NDOI a useful tool in lead generation and discovering new prospects. Agents have the ability to create a professional profile where they can display their skills and credentials. Best of all, the website is free for both insurance professionals and consumers.

The Bottom Line

The National Directory of Insurance is a helpful insurance resource for both insurance agents and consumers. You can search for anything in insurance and with the live reply feature; you will receive an answer to your insurance questions quickly. You can also use the “GetMatched” feature to survey insurance agents to compare answers or use the “WhatsThat?” feature to get definitions of insurance terms.

The NDOI website is a place for insurance professionals and consumers to come together in a mutually beneficial way.

You control the process and can choose to remain anonymous or provide your information to be matched to an insurance professional. Information is power and this is another resource consumers can use to make an informed decision when trying to find the best value on an insurance policy or have their questions answered by licensed insurance professionals.

Contact Information

If you think the free tools from NDOI may help you with your personal or business insurance needs, you can find out more information on the NDOI website. The contact is Sammy Precup who can be reached by telephone at (707) 595-1618.