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My first book, published in 2002 provides a detailed and clear explanation of how options work -- and was targeted to investors who knew nothing about options. The book offers detailed explanations of my reasoning behind making specific trade decisions and is dedicated to a single strategy: Writing covered calls.. The emphasis is on teaching readers to understand what they are doing, and not merely explaining some trading rules.

The idea is for you to learn how to solve trading problems in the real world. If your long-term plan is to have someone else manage your money, these books are not for you. However, if you want to be hands on when investment decisions are made, then I humbly submit these books for your consideration.

I've published 3 dead-tree books and a bunch of e-books.

The Rookies Guide to Options; 2nd edition (2013) 

I recommend starting here. This book takes the novice through a course of study that provides background information, basic concepts of options and thorough descriptions of seven option strategies. The contents are advanced enough for intermediate traders as well as rookies. If you have been trading for a year or two and feel that something was lacking from your education, this is the place to come to get your questions answered and to fill in the blanks that were overlooked. We all want to get started quickly and it is easy for traders to jump into action.

The Rookie's Guide provides a solid foundation for continuing your options education.


The second edition is also available in Kindle and .pdf format


The Short Book on Options

My first book. Published in 2002, it covers two major topics. Option Basics and Covered Call Writing. 




Create your own Hedge Fund 

Describes how a trader can build a portfolio of exchange traded funds and use two basic strategies: writing covered calls when he/she owns the shares and writing naked puts when the shares have been sold via exercise. The lessons pertain to trading individual stocks as well, but the discussion involves exchange traded funds.

Hard Cover



Series of eBooks on the Best Option Strategies 

These books are intended for traders and investors who already have some experience using options and (except for Volume 0) should not be your first options book. They are written as descriptions of a specific option strategy, including how to initiate, manage, and exit positions.

Volume 0: Introduction to Options (Offered at no cost)

Volume 1: Writing Naked Puts

Volume 2: Iron Condors


Other eBooks

Lessons of a Lifetime

This book offers my perspective on some of life's lessons -- mostly, but not completely about trading.

The Option Traders Mindset

My thoughts, using examples, of how a trader can increase his/her chances of earning money when using options. This book is much nearer to being a philosophical discussion, rather than a primer of trading lessons.

Why Trade Options?

Short essay written as a brief description of why options may be for you.

Trading CTM (close-to-the-money) Options 

A short, but advanced discussion for traders who already have experience trading iron condors. The debate is whether a trader can find more success when selling options with higher (closer to the money) or lower delta (farther out of the money) options.