My Coke Rewards Points: What They Are & How to Get Them

How to Get MCR Points (and Use Them to Win Prizes).

My Coke Rewards Points: What You Need to Know:

My Coke Rewards is Coca Cola's loyalty program. You can collect My Coke Rewards Points (also known as MCR Points) and exchange them for rewards including sweepstakes entries, discounts on gas purchases, charitable donations, housewares, movie tickets, and more.

Many people simply throw these codes away, but that is a mistake. The few moments of time it takes to redeem the codes on your Coke purchases can be turned into big discounts, free stuff, or big prizes, making MCR points a good way to stretch your budget.

The available rewards change on a regular basis. See the My Coke Rewards website for a list of current MCR rewards.

How to Get My Coke Rewards Points with Purchase:

The most prominent way of getting My Coke Rewards Points is by using codes found on Coca Cola products. Just about any Coke product counts, including:

  • Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Sprite
  • Dasani Water
  • Powerade
  • Minute Maid
  • Barq's
  • Fresca
  • Seagram's Ginger Ale
  • and more.

The codes can be found under the cap of individual bottles, on the cardboard box of 12-packs of cans (in the refrigerator boxes, the codes can be found on the part you tear away to get to the soda), and on multi-pack wraps. See the My Coke Rewards website for a full list of participating brands and sizes.

How to Get My Coke Rewards Points for Free:

You can stretch your budget even farther by gathering MCR points without paying any money. I have some tips on How to Get Coke Rewards Points for Free, which include signing up for emails from Coca Cola and other helpful tips.

Read that article to help you get more MCR points, faster and cheaper.

How to Redeem My Coke Rewards Codes:

Once you have a code, you can enter it on the My Coke Rewards website, through Facebook, by text message, or through My Coke Rewards' mobile site to start earning points. MCR codes can be difficult to read; keep an eye out for characters that are easy to confuse, and keep trying until you get the code right.

In order to redeem your points by any method, you must sign up for a free MCR membership.

Using My Coke Rewards Points to Enter Sweepstakes:

For sweepstakes fans, My Coke Rewards Points are a quick and easy way to enter the many giveaways that Coke offers through their rewards program. My Coke Rewards offers a wide variety of sweepstakes and instant-win giveaways at any given time. Without My Coke Rewards Points, you can only enter these sweepstakes my mail (many of the instant-win games also offer free codes through the alternate entry link in the rules).

Keeping Your My Coke Rewards Membership Active

While MCR points don't usually expire, you have to keep your account active or risk losing your points. To keep your account active, you need to add or use points at least once every 90 days. Make sure you keep your email account on file up-to-date, because you'll receive warnings by email when your account is close to becoming inactive.

What If I'm Not in the United States?

Coca Cola has loyalty programs in other countries as well.

For example:

If your country isn't listed, try an internet search for your local Coca Cola site to see if there's a rewards program that you can join.


For fans of Coke, Sprite, or other Coca Cola products, signing up for the MCR program is a no-brainer. Earning points is easy, and you can exchange them for free things that your household is sure to need.

If you don't drink Coke products regularly, you can still participate in the rewards program, using the free collection methods. Enjoy!


Current Sweepstakes from My Coke Rewards Points:


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