Moving Out of State and Car Insurance

Tips for Switching Insurance if You are Moving Out of State

Moving to a new state almost always requires switching car insurance. States have different laws and insurance agents are usually only licensed in the state they live. Moving to a new state is not an easy task. You certainly need to be organized. When it comes to switching your car insurance it is important to have a plan.

What You will Need to Switch Car Insurance

Moving Out of State
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Anytime you are shopping for car insurance it is a good idea to start with your declaration page. It will give your prospective agent an idea of where to start. Coverage may differ in your new state. It is important to be aware of any differences. Your potential new agent should explain the laws of your new home state.

Where to Start Shopping after Moving Out of State

If you are moving to an unfamiliar state, you may not know where to start looking for car insurance. A good place to begin your search is with your current insurance agent. Your current agent should be able to look up other agents in your new location who sell insurance through the same insurance carrier. Your current insurance carrier might not offer insurance in your new location, but it is worth a try.

Moving out of state is also a good time to get multiple quotes from different insurance carriers. If you have to switch anyways, you might as well look around to compare insurance companies in your new area. Check online to see what is available in your immediate area. Checking the local phone book, or talking with your new neighbors to get a referral are also good ways to find a new agent.

Deadline to Switch after Moving Out of State

When organizing a big move to another state, you might be wondering how long you have to switch your car insurance. Switching insurance to your new state should be completed as soon as possible. If your insurance carrier knows about your move, they could set your policy up for cancellation. A good rule of thumb for a deadline is whichever comes first, your insurance renewal or your license plate renewal.

Making the Switch

Once the new insurance policy in place, you need to contact your old insurance agent. Change your address at the same time you cancel your policy if you have not already done so. Updating your address will ensure you receive a refund check if one is warranted. It is always a good idea to request insurance cancellation once you are done with a policy.

Moving to another state brings about a lot of changes. Take time to get settled before stressing out about your car insurance. It is important to understand the laws in your new state and choose an insurance company that is a good fit for you and your family.

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