Moving On Congratulations Letter Example

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When someone is moving on to a new job, it's always a good idea to send a congratulations note. It's a way to show the individual that you're impressed with their success.

Consider sending a handwritten note instead of a quick email or LinkedIn message. Receiving a card will show the recipient that you took an extra effort to personally recognize their accomplishment.

Use this sample congratulations letter as a starting point for your own note to send or email to a person who is moving on to a new position.

Also see below for an example of a letter to congratulate someone who is relocating.

Moving On Congratulations Letter Example

Dear Maureen,

I was so glad to hear that you accepted the Director position at the Sunshine House. You have done a super job at the Hosta Foundation, but I know you've felt ready to move on for some time.

I'm glad that you found something that will keep you in town. You were fortunate that the Sunshine House opportunity came along now.

Congratulations on this terrific change!



Email Moving On Message

If you are sending an email message the subject line of the message can simply say congratulations:

Subject Line: Congratulations on the New Position!

Sample Relocation Congratulations Letter
Use this sample congratulations letter to send or email to a person who is relocating.

Subject Line: Congratulations on Your Move

Dear Kelly,

Congratulations on moving on to your next venture. I know you've been looking to move back out West for some time, and I'm glad that a position opened up for you that is a great next step in your career.

We'll miss you here in the office, but we wish you all the best.

Good luck for a smooth transition, and success in your new position.



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