Motivation for Sales Professionals

Overcoming the Daily Grind

Sales professionals are often compared with professional athletes. Both careers demand training, focused dedication and a healthy, steady dose of motivation.

To think that anyone or anything can provide lasting motivation for you is erroneous. Only you can motivate yourself, and you do this by constantly expecting more from yourself and then realizing the rewards of your commitment.

Finding sources of motivation that help you maintain your level of commitment is critical to your long-term success in sales.

Maximize Your Potential

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Very few people every truly maximize their full potential. Inspirational speaker and life coach Anthony Robbins puts it this way: "What people can do and what they are willing to do are often very different."

While maximizing your potential in each area of your life, every second of every day may be beyond the reach of most; you can make significant progress in living to your full potential in certain areas of your life, as long as you have both a strategy and a commitment to doing so. More

Getting Your Things Done

You are a busy professional. Like most, your days are filled with a balancing act that finds you juggling customer issues, prospecting, closing deals, improving skills, networking, family life, friendship, physical health, emotional health and a slew of other things that, if left unattended, would begin to affect your life negatively.

Singer/Songwriter Harry Chapin once said that "good tired" comes at the end of a day that you may have lost most of the battles you fought. But, you lost fighting your battles, chasing your dreams and living your life.

In a world in which sales professionals are expected to be so many things to so many people, it's easy to lose track of getting the things done that mean the most to you. More

The Power of Positive Thinking

Whether you embrace the new age idea of the power of attraction, believe in the more old school belief in the power of positive thinking or simply believe that your attitude determines your altitude, one thing is practically irrefutable: Positive people enjoy their lives more than do negative people.

Many people firmly believe that through positive thinking, they are not only more open to opportunities but that more opportunities are open to them.

But the challenge is "how" to think more positively in spite of the constant stream of bad news that invade most of our waking moments? We are flooded with negativity each time we watch the news, read the paper or have a conversation with a co-worker who is less than optimistic about work.

While there is no secret, there are strategies to learning how to harness the power of positive thinking. More

Understanding Sales Commisssion Programs

When it comes to sales careers, a big motivating factor is often the potential income that can be earned by those successful in sales. While some sales programs offer simple compensation plans for their sales professionals, others take a more complicated approach.

Every sales professional should become an expert in their compensation program by understanding it fully and by discovering where the greatest opportunities are for earning the highest amount of income.

While money is not, and shouldn't be, the only reason people choose a career in sales, sales careers do offer a tremendous opportunity to earn substantial incomes. And doing so begins with at least a basic understanding of your sales commission program. More

Dealing with an Overbearing Boss

The fact is that your work environment has a lot to do with your motivation levels. If you have very negative co-workers, who seem to spend more time complaining about things than actually working to make things better, you can be easily and quickly drawn into the trap of negativity.

Fortunately, you most likely have the ability to avoid certain co-workers or at least to mitigate their influence on you. The same is not often true when it comes to your supervisor.

Overbearing supervisors can sap the life out of an individual sales professional, an entire sales team, and even the entire company if left unchecked.

Using some simple strategies to help you deal with an overbearing boss can make a significant and positive difference in your job satisfaction and general motivation. More