Mother's Day Gift Picks for Creative Crafty Foodie Moms

Festive Food-Centric Gifts for Moms Who Love Everything Food

Have you ever given you mom or wife a Mother's Day gift and gotten that "What are you trying to tell me?" look.

Well, we thought long and hard about the perfect gifts for moms who love to cook or have very refined palates. And here you'll find a short list of food, culinary and kitchenware gifts for every taste: sweet, savory, healthy, and happy.

Barclay Handmade Ceramic Kitchenware on Etsy

red ceramic tea mugs
Tea with Mom in handmade mugs? That's memorable. Barclay Handmade

Now that Etsy has grown, a ceramicist may find it harder to stand out. But this gem of a shop immediately came to our attention: Barclay Handmade Kitchenware, hand-thrown pottery by mom, wife, and artist who goes by Gigi. (Like the Cher of Etsy.)

Her earthy kitchenware has colors to enhance every kitchen (or office desk) in a variety of offerings including tumblers, bowls, and serving trays. The beautiful bright red mug set and decorative sink caddy stand out as amazing gifts.

AeroPress Coffee Maker and Equator Coffees

cup of coffee
Simply good coffee. Susie Wyshak

Some say the simple AeroPress makes the best coffee ever, an improved French Press style maker a coffee fiend and gadget hound will love. Aerobie, who makes the AeroPress says "total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavor."

Scoop this coffee innovation up as part of a gift from Equator Coffee, a woman-owned green business based in California.

Their website makes it easy to pick the right flavor profile, and they'll surely help you match the best coffee for your mom (or wife's) new Mother's Day gift.

According to a Los Angeles Times, article, this little device very well may be the key to happiness: "Fanatics have his-and-hers AeroPresses and won't travel without them, not even to friends' dinner parties."

Hand Printed Cotton Dish Towels For Berry Lovers by Tina Produce

blueberry strawberry raspberry screen printed dish towels
These hand screen printed soft cotton flour sack dish towels make a perfect affordable gift for local food lovers. Tina Produce

These super soft cotton dish towels hand screen-printed in fruit themes with water-based inks are the perfect gift for farmers market fans. Sets of napkins and dish towels come packed in little compostable berry crates, wrapped with twine.

Big fans of berries and fruit may want to "collect them all." Makes eating and cooking a whole lot prettier. (And the baby onesies jumpers are so cute you might want to order those to use a dish towels. Trends have to start somewhere!)

Heifer Project's Goats Give Back in Nepal

Heifer Project in Nepal
Rapti Women Empowerment Project (Project# 22-0531-21-2) Taleyanpur Village, Banke District, Nepal Mira Sunwar (7) holds a family goat at her home in Tleyanpur Village, Nepal on January 24, 2013. Heifer Project

For years, the Heifer Project's programs have made the perfect gifts.

Given the Nepal earthquake, supporting the Goats Give Back project is a perfectly timely and important Mother's Day gift.

Heifer encourages improved health practices for the goats maintained by farm families and trains Community Animal Health Workers to take better care of the goats.

Ultimately this work will boost milk production and allow families to rely on nutrition from their local food sources.

Multipurpose Bakeware and Cookware by Temp-tations Dishware

temp-tations dishware
Tempting how fast it is to bake and serve. Temp-tations

Tara McConnell grew up watching her mom dance through the kitchen from stove, to oven, to table, to fridge, always ending the night with a sink impossibly full of dishes. As McConnell grew older, she found herself stuck in the same choreography, similarly faced with a nearly insurmountable amount of dishes after every meal. That sparked the idea for her Temp-tations Dishware, what she calls “presentable ovenware”.

Temp-tations products are multi-purpose, which is why QVC fans seriously scoop them up. Use them on the stove, in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher — and of course on the dining table.

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of choices that Temp-tations offers? Take a look through McConnell’s starter sets as a jumping off point.

Love with Food Snack Subscriptions for a Cause

Love With Food snack box
Love With Food delivers snacks on a mission. Love With Food

Meet Aihui Ong (pronounced i-we), the founder and CEO of Love with Food Snack Subscriptions, a healthy snack box subscription service with the intention to impact child hunger—while delighting recipients with fun foods by mail.

For every box that’s sold, Love with Food donates a meal to one of a variety of food banks.

It's the proverbial gift that keeps on giving in so many good ways.

Really Killer Brownie Gifts from Embrace Sweets

Embrace Sweets brownie gifts
The peanut butter cup brownie is just the beginning. Embrace Sweets

We love this mother-daughter team making inventive brownies that have garnered the title of one of the top 5 best brownies in the country by CHOW magazine.

Embrace Sweets' decadent creations have everything you (oh, or your mom) could want, from the classic Triple Chocolate to sticky Toffee Almond to decadent Peanut Butter Blitz. Order a gift box or visit them in person at their Encinitas, CA shop.

Sandra and Brandi Daniels see their business as more than just a brownie business; it’s their own American dream, realized through dedication and perseverance. They started their business at the La Cocina SF, a business incubator focused on the needs of low-income entrepreneurs.

Everything's About Food These Days

Food jewelry is a "thing." Subscription boxes come in all flavors. Meal ingredients delivery. Think about what will most delight and there's surely a product or service that'll do the trick.