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Hockey and Sales are More Alike than You'd Might Think

Hockey and Sales. Getty Images

Okay, full disclosure, I LOVE hockey, and I also love being in sales. So when I started seeing all the ways hockey and sales are alike, I just had to write an article about it.

But even you don't share my enthusiasm for hockey, you're sure to see the many ways hockey and sales are alike.  More

Best Closing Techniques

 Closing sales is and always has been a tremendously important part of every sales job. So it's no surprise that an article on the best closing techniques is one of the most popular articles on this site. More

The Best Entry Level Sales Jobs

 The majority of people that visit this site are those new to sales or those considering getting into sales. This article is all about what I (and many others) feel to be the best entry level jobs for those just getting into the world of sales. More

10 Tips for Closing a Sale

 Once again, an article about closing sales hits the list. This article offers 10 tips for sales professionals who need some advice when it comes to closing a sale.

Listen, there are no secrets to closing sales, nor is there any secrets to success in the industry, there are some well known and proven tips and tricks to help a struggling sales professional to close more sales. More

The Colombo Sale

If you're old enough to remember the television show, "Columbo," they you remember how the fictional detective was always able to solve the crime and get the guilty party to admit to the crime.

How did he do it?

By using a technique that puts the suspect at ease then instantly turns up the heat and closes the sale.

It is a powerful technique that, once mastered, is definitely one to add to your sales closing techniques. More

Top Closing Techniques

Surprise! Another article based on closing sales. This article details the top closing techniques as shared with the author by hundreds of tenured sales professionals.  More

3 Daily Steps to Success in Sales

If you could only do three things each day in your sales job, what do you think would be the most important? You may say that everything is important and needs to be done everyday, but if you HAD to choose just three, these three are the ones you need to choose.

Sales is really all about starting, advancing and closing sales cycles. Do these three everyday, and your success is all but guaranteed. More

Why Choose a Career in Sales?

 People get into sales for all different reasons. Some choose sales because they can't find a job doing what they really want to do and some choose a career in sales because they believe sales is an easy way to make good money.

But, like any other life choice, there are good reasons and bad reasons to choose a career in sales. This article is about the positive reasons you might decide on a career in sales. More

How to Be a Positive Thinker

Even if you don't believe that positive thinking has an effect on your external world, few would argue against the belief that those who are positive are happier, more driven and are more enjoyable to be around than are negative thinking people.

So the question is, "How to become a positive thinker?" While there is no set in stone method to positive thinking, this article provides some suggestions about how to turn your negative thinking around to a more positive-focus.  More

Why Choose a Career in Inside Sales

Not surprise, this article is all about why you should at least consider an inside sales job. Inside sales professionals are in demand and if you have the right personality, you can build a profitable and rewarding career in an Inside Sales career.  More