Most Hated U.S. Retail Companies

Retailers With Worst Consumer Opinion, Employee Experiences, Brand Perception

Most Hated US Retailing Companies 2015 General Motors GM
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Consumers hate General Motors.  And it's unlikely that  they'll be driving their GM vehicle into the McDonald's drive-thru on their way home from Walmart because in 2015 consumers hate McDonald's and Walmart too.  But, the world's largest retailing company probably isn't very concerned to find itself on the 2015 Most Hated Retailing Companies list because by now, Walmart is accustomed to haters - anti-corporation consumers, protesting communities, underpaid employees, and global supply chain partners.


Walmart may even be celebrating its position on the 2015 Most Hated list because this year because in 2015 McDonald's is hated far more than Walmart.  So seemingly that deflects some of the Walmart hate heat/  Except, of course, for those Walmart stores which have McDonald's restaurants inside of them, which is a hateful huge heap of them. 

The "Most Hated" label is courtesy of the editors of 24/7 Wall St., who used a somewhat vague combination of customer dissatisfaction, employee experience, and brand perception measurements to rate and rank the Top Ten Most Hated Companies from all industries.  "Hate" is a pretty strong term, and it might be difficult to imagine what could be so "hateful" about any seller-of-stuff that would elicit a strong emotional response such as "hate" in consumers.

Since it is such an extreme term, these retailing companies were likely not designated as "hated" without strong justification.

  What could a retailing company do to garner such an intense response from consumers?  Kill them, put their identity at risk, make them sick, and put them on food stamps is the short answer.  When looking at the reasons which justify the haters, it seems obvious that retailing in the 21st century is about much more than buying low and selling high.


Find out which companies with retailing as a significant part of their business model have been given the unenviable designation of "Most Hated" in the 2015 Most Hated U.S. Retailing Companies list below.   Although the complete "Most Hated" list includes companies from all industries, what follows is just the list of "most hated" companies that are considered to be members of the U.S. retail industry.

This list is arranged by ranking number, which indicates the ranking number that it was assigned on the 24/7 Top Ten Most Hated Companies list, when compared to most hated U.S. companies from all industries.  

2015 Most Hated U.S. Retailing Companies

1.  General Motors
Reasons why GM is a Most Hated Retailer:  34 million recalls and 42 consumer deaths related to defective GM vehicles

2.  Sony
Reasons why Sony is a Most Hated Retailer:  Leaked hacked Sony executive e-mails revealing offensive, unsavory and racist opinions from Sony leadership, and market share decline for Sony smartphones.  

4.  McDonald's
Reasons why McDonald's is a Most Hated Retailer:  Downsliding customer dissatisfaction, surging employees dissatisfaction , and public protests 

9.  Walmart
Reasons why McDonald's is a Most Hated Retailer:  Lowest customer dissatisfaction compared to all other department and discount stores, employees on Medicaid and food stamps due to low wages and erratic schedules, community and small business protests.