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Mortgage Rates for Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021
Today’s Mortgage Rates & Trends, Nov. 30, 2021
Mortgage Rates for Monday, Nov. 29, 2021
Today’s Mortgage Rates & Trends, Nov. 29, 2021
Happy Couple With Housing Construction Plans
New Homes for Sale—Mostly Unfinished—Hit 13-Year High
Daughter on father's shoulders in front of suburban home
Homebuyers Undaunted by High Prices, Lack of Selection
Couple using digital tablet on sofa at home
After Wild Ride, Home Price Growth Hits a Plateau
Man with serious expression looks at laptop
Here’s Why For-Sale Signs May Stay Scarce
Woman talking on phone and writing
Surprisingly, Home Sales Surge in September
Host welcomes vacationing mother and daughter at hotel
Autumn Pace Defies Usual Pattern for Home Sales
Family in flooded living room
Here’s Why Your Flood Insurance Rate Might Be Changing
Excited little girl runs upstairs exploring new home
House Hunting? Get Bargains Between Now and Halloween
Thursday, October 7
Today’s Mortgage Rates & Trends, Oct. 7, 2021
Tired businesswoman working at night.
Homes Are Now the Least Affordable Since 2008
Depressed Woman at Laptop
Home Prices Have Risen at Dizzying Speed
Couple eating breakfast outside on the deck with a pool and a beautiful landscape in the background
Demand for Vacation Homes Continues to Cool
Woman checking laptop with cup of coffee in hand
Backslide in Inventory Frustrates House Hunters
Man staring into space at desk
Delta's Silver Lining? Mortgage Rates Stay Low
Senior man sits with hand on forehead on couch in comfortable home
Foreclosures Pick Up the Pace After Ban Ends
Woman looking at real estate agent while man signing documents at new home
Single-Family Home Prices Can’t Stop Breaking Records
Realtor showing apartment to young couple
Shut-Out Homebuyers Turn to Rentals, Sending Prices Up
Real estate agent talking to a couple while showing them a new apartment during coronavirus pandemic.
Buyers ‘Take a Deep Breath’ As Housing Market Calms
Real estate agent greeting couple at house
Home Sale Volume Continues To Recover as Listings Grow
Worried man looks down at papers.
Eviction Ban Hits Small Landlords, Risks Affordability
Worried man working at home
Realtors Ask Court To Toss Eviction Moratorium
Happy couple using smart phone while reading guidebook on balcony
Fannie Mae Shines Light on ‘Credit-Invisible’ Renters
Couple with concerned expressions listening to consultant
End of Mortgage Relief Could Boost Housing Inventory
Couple House-hunting
Home Price Decrease Shows Market Moving Toward Normal
Couple Packing Up to Move
Home Prices Have Been on a Wild Ride
Bailiff Carries Out Eviction
Red Tape Holds Back Eviction Relief Aid
Couple Moving Into New House
Moving to a New Area? Be Prepared To Pay Extra
Man Standing in Moving Van
Investors Buy Homes in Record Numbers, Push Up Prices
Couple meeting with real estate agent in front of home
Home Sales Tick Up, Rising for First Time in 5 Months
Couple getting financial advice.
End of Pandemic Refinance Fee May Benefit Homeowners
Young Asian couple sitting on floor amid cardboard moving boxes look shocked at a document
Rents Hit Highest in 2 Years, Pricing Out More People
Mortgage Rates for Friday, July 16, 2021
Today’s Mortgage Rates & Trends, July 16, 2021
Female client talking with financial advisor in bank.
Refinancing Surges Amid Falling Interest Rates
Househunting couple with agent
House Listings Get a Little Less Threadbare
Couple signing a contract
Pending Home Sales Unexpectedly Increase
Boy writing on book while young woman showing digital tablet to father at table - stock photo
Can Memories of Grandma Help Win Home Buying Battles?
Young Asian Woman Moving In To New Home
Surging Prices, Low Inventory Stifle Home Sales
Couple working outside house during home improvement.
Home Flipping Drops to 21st-Century Low
Candid shot of happy young couple sitting on the floor among boxes they moved in and looking at color swatches and talking about home improvements.
Squeeze on Housing Inventory Loosens—A Bit
Smiling young girl sitting in mothers lap on porch of vacation home
Vacation Homes Become More Common in Pandemic
Real estate agent is showing balcony/terrace of new apartment to a couple
Big Year for Home Sales Won’t Be As Big as Expected
Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey
Buyers Pay Increasing Premium for High Flood-Risk Homes
Father holding infant while preparing dinner.
Homeowners Have Used Their Houses As Piggy Banks
Pacific Islander construction worker adjusting house frame.
Buyers of New Homes Balk as Prices Rise
A real estate agent talks to couple at a counter.
Do Homebuyers Have to Bid Over List Price? Maybe
Full length of senior man using mobile phone while sitting on steps at porch.
What Will Happen When Forbearance Ends?
Man doing telework and a little girl playing around
Back to the Office? No Thanks, Say Recent Homebuyers
Construction workers lifting house frame
Board to Death: Lumber Mania Hurts Homebuilding Pace
Real estate agent showing a property to a couple
Cheap Mortgages To Stick Around, Experts Predict
Repairmen, building inspectors, exterminators, engineers, insurance adjusters, or other blue collar workers examine a building/home's exterior wall and foundation. One wears a red hard hat and clear safety glasses and holds a clipboard. The other holds a digital tablet.
No Inspection? No Problem, Homebuyers Say
Builder Working on House Frame
Houses: If You Can’t Buy ‘Em, Build ‘Em
Happy Family with New House
Refinancing Just Got Easier for Low-Income Homeowners
relaxing friends during the house moving
Demand for Mortgages Dips As Prices Deter House Hunters
A couple with a young child and a realtor look out a window in an empty room.
Good News, House Hunters: More Homeowners Plan to Sell
Young Couple in Front of Home
Housing Supply Squeeze Shows Signs of Easing
Realtor shaking hands with smiling couple outside house for sale.
Mortgage Rates Dip Back Below 3%, Freddie Mac Says
Happy couple looking at new home.
Home Sales Lower, Prices Higher Amid Supply Squeeze
Black Homeowners Admiring House
Homes in Black Neighborhoods Are Routinely Undervalued, Study Says