Money 101: Learning the Basics

Updated August 15, 2016

Bank Accounts and Checking

It's time to stop keeping your money under your mattress.

Bank accounts can provide safety, convenience, and in some cases, a nice rate of return. But first you'll need to know the different types of bank accounts, and how to open them. You'll also need to know how to pick the best bank for your money, whether that's a traditional bricks-and-mortar bank or an online-only operation. And you should know how to navigate the different types of money products, from money orders to the old-fashioned personal check. 


Making a Budget (And Sticking to It)

A budget is the centerpiece of any financial plan: Whether you're building a big nest egg or just trying to make ends meet, you need a budget to keep your spending in check. 

So what does a budget look like? These days, it can take many forms. Our Experts provide a number of budget templates that let you fill in your own spending information to make your own budget. But there are also several programs and websites that will automatically keep track of your spending and let you know when you've gone over the limit. 

Speaking of which: The hardest part of budgeting is sticking to it. We can help with that, too.

How Does Credit Scoring Work?

Your credit score can make a huge difference in your ability to get loans, and a bad score can you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. Yet many people don't even understand what a credit score is, or how to look up their own score -- much less improve theirs. 

We'll show you how to go about getting credit, how to learn your score for free, and all the things that do and don't impact your score.