Monetary Policy and the Fed

Monetary policy in the United States is conducted by the Federal Reserve, the country's central bank. Here's all you need to know about how monetary policy is planned and executed, and how it impacts the economy.
money coming out of a watering can
Liquidity Is the Lever That Controls Your Finances
FOMC Chair Jerome Powell
What You Need To Know About the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting
Illustration of why the consumer price index is important.
What Is the Consumer Price Index?
An open bank vault door
Why the Fed Removed the Reserve Requirement
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How Rising Interest Rates Affect You
how does the federal reserve work and who owns it? The Fed is comprised of a government-appointed central board and 12 regional banks; Federal Reserve Board is an independent agency of the federal government, and its decisions don’t need approval from the president, legislators, or any elected officials; The Fed is accountable to the public and Congress - The Fed’s funding comes from investments; The Fed’s primary function is to manage inflation
Who Really Owns the Federal Reserve?
The U.S. Federal Reserve Eccles Building at dusk with lit windows.
Why Do Interest Rates Ever Need to Rise?
This illustration shows what is expansionary policy, including that a central bank uses it to stimulate the economy such as lowering interest rates and increasing money supply, and that it's typically used after a recession has started.
How Low Interest Rates Create More Money for You
Liquidity trap
Why the Fed Must Raise Interest Rates
does the federal reserve print money? The Fed acts as a central bank to federal member banks; “Printing money” means the Fed adds credit to the accounts of federal member banks or lowers the federal funds rate to increase the money supply; The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, under the U.S. Department of Treasury, prints physical cash for circulation
Does the Federal Reserve or U.S. Treasury Print Money?
Former Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen answers questions at a news conference
How QE4 Changed Fed History
inflation rate targeting
Why the Government Wants You to Expect Inflation
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How Much Money Is There in the United States?
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke rests face in hand
QE1 and How It Stopped the 2008 Recession
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Monetary Policy Tools and How They Work
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Why Your New Home Will Cost More Next Year
Operation Twist
What Was "Operation Twist" and How Did It Work?
American flag on the federal reserve bank building
The History of Operation Twist
The US Federal Reserve building in Washington DC
The Fed's Tools and How They Work
What Was QE2 and Did It Work?
A closeup of the columns of a Federal Reserve building
Fed Tapering and Its Impact on the Markets
View of the central facade of the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC. The flag flies brightly above and a blue sky completes the background. Strong white pillars frame the entry to the building. No people/tourists are in the picture.
Who Are the Leaders in the Battle Against Inflation?
quantitative easing
How QE3 Boldly Went Where No Fed Policy Had Gone Before