Mobile Insurance Applications – For Life on the Go!

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In our society today, everything is ​"rush and hurry" and on to the next appointment. With such busy lives, we need the ability to communicate and carry on with our daily lives while still on the go. In fact, some days, it may seem like all your communication takes place via your cell phone. This was a challenge that insurance companies had to take on with today’s mobile society. The answer was mobile insurance applications which policy holders and new customers can download to their mobile devices. Auto, life and health insurance mobile applications are available and most are compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices.

What can you really do with a mobile insurance application? Well, depending on the company and the particular application, quite a lot actually. You can use you mobile insurance application to take care of claims reporting, handling and processing; making policy payments, policy changes and in some cases, you can even receive an insurance quote via your mobile insurance application. Here is a little more in-depth detail about some of the services offered through mobile insurance applications.


The claims filing and processing feature is one of the most attractive things about mobile insurance applications for policy holders. Many insurance companies allow you to take pictures at the scene and upload them when reporting your claims. This can save time in having an adjustor figure the cost of your claim and in scheduling needed repairs promptly. Mobile insurance applications also make it much easier for you to check the status of an insurance claim. This includes knowing when repairs are scheduled and with which provider, when you can expect to hear from an insurance adjustor and what payments have been made on your claim, all in the convenience of your very own hand-held mobile device.

Policy Services

What about those small changes you happen to think of that needs to be reported to your insurance company such as a change or address or possibly a change in the usage of your vehicle? Now making the change can be as easy as using your mobile application to inform the company of the changes you need to make.

This also includes the ability to be able to make payments on your policy through your own checking account, credit card or debit card. Mobile policy service applications are as mobile as you are. Not all mobile applications allow you to change your policy, but for the companies that do offer this feature through mobile applications, it makes life just that much easier for policy holders.

Insurance Quotes

You can use a mobile insurance application for a particular company or even a generic insurance quote mobile application to shop for insurance and compare specific types of insurance coverage. You can receive a quote and in many cases, even bind coverage via the mobile application.

Other Features

Other than the most noted features, there are other nifty tools available on mobile insurance applications such as glossaries of insurance terms, driving tips, along with maps to repairs shops and local agents’ offices.

Insurance companies have an incentive to offer policy holders and new customers convenient and useful mobile insurance applications. It saves the company money by cutting down on paper work in reporting, processing and handling of claims. It is also an easy way to attract new customers through convenience and ease of service with policy change requests, convenient bill payment options and the ability to receive a quote and bind coverage. It is a win-win situation for both the insurance companies and the insurance consumer.