7 Mobile Apps for Managing Your Credit

Man holding a smartphone and credit card
••• © Sawayasu Keith Tsuji

Smartphones make life so much easier. Entertainment and productivity apps get a lot of buzz and financial apps don’t get nearly enough shine. If you’re looking for easier ways to stay on top of your credit and debt, here are seven apps you should download.

Credit Karma Mobile
: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Online

The Credit Karma app has three helpful tools to help manage your credit and they’re all available for free. You can access your credit score, credit report, and receive credit monitoring. Not only do you get your credit score, you also receive details about factors affecting your credit score, suggestions to improve your credit score, and recommendations for credit products that can help you save money. It’s important to note that the credit information provided is based on your TransUnion credit report information and the credit score is not a FICO score.

Credit Sesame
Platform:Android, iOS, Online

Credit Sesame is another free credit score app. This one provides a monthly Experian credit score and credit monitoring, summarizes your monthly debt payments, and lists your total debt balances. Compared to Credit Karma’s app, Credit Sesame’s functionality is limited, but a free credit score from a different credit bureau still has value. Keep in mind the credit score you receive through Credit Sesame is not a FICO score.

Mint.com Personal Finance
Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Online, Windows

Mint app has a ton of great functionality, but one of the best is the ability to track your spending. The app pulls your banking and credit card transactions and categorizes them so you can quickly and easily see where you’re spending money. You can receive bill reminders, spending and balance alerts, and notifications of bank fees. Set up financial goals and the app helps you figure out how to budget so you can meet those goals. Mint only reads your account information; the app can’t make transactions or move money from your account.

Check: Pay bills, credit cards
Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

Remembering all your monthly due dates is tough. Once you set up your bills on the Check app, it will send reminders when your bills are due and give you the opportunity to pay immediately or schedule a payment. You can manage multiple credit cards, bank accounts, and other bills. The app uses encryption, 4-digit PIN, and a remote data destruct to protect your sensitive personal information. The only drawback is that some smaller banks and bills may not be supported.

ReadyforZero: Pay Off Debt
Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Online

ReadyForZero touts helping people pay down $180 million in debt – and counting. The app lets you link all your debt accounts, make a payoff plan, and track your progress toward meeting your debt goal. Reminders and notifications prevent you from missing due dates and incurring costly late fees. The basic functionality is free, but you can upgrade for a monthly fee and get additional features like the ability to make one-time or recurring payments, calculate your time and interest savings, and receive your VantageScore.

Debt Planner and Calculator
Cost: Free
Platform: Android

The Debt Planner app by KickingLettuce Studios lets you organize and plan your debts and most importantly tells you how long will take you to get out of debt based on details about your debt and payment amounts. The basic version of the app calculates debt repayment based on paying off the lowest payment amount first. You can upgrade to Debt Planner Pro for just $1.99 and receive different payment strategies, monthly debt reminders, and no ads.

Wallaby Credit Card Rewards
Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Online

If you have multiple rewards credit cards, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the most of them. The trouble with rewards cards is that many of us forget to use them. Wallaby helps you figure out which rewards credit card to use while you’re shopping to earn the most rewards. You tell Wallaby which credit cards you have and let it know where you’re shopping, it will suggest the credit card to use. It doesn’t need your credit card numbers to make a recommendation.