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Are you curious about the job duties of an electronic warfare specialist? Learn more about this Army career field with this profile of these specialists. By the time you're finished reading, you just might be able to tell if this is the right military career for you or if you should keep looking for a better fit.

Duties of an Electronic Warfare Specialist

Electronic warfare specialist oversee and carry out military actions that involve the use of electromagnetic energy to "determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum."

These specialists may take part in planning the lines of an electronic attack by derailing enemy communications systems and related technology. But that's not all. Electronic warfare specialists may also use electronic support and electronic protection in the line of duty. Electronic support helps friendly forces by using electronic warfare detection assets to find enemy units, while electronic protection uses equipment to protect the military's communication systems and other kinds of electronic gear. 

What Is Training Like for an Electronic Warfare Specialist?

The Electronic Warfare Specialist Course is a nine-week MOS producing course that is offered at the FCOE in Fort Sill, OK. Those who successfully complete the course are awarded MOS 29E. The course's bottom line? It supplies officers with the information and experience necessary to master the skills to execute electronic warfare duties in support of the commander's concept of operations.

The course stresses Army and Joint doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to help NCOs to successfully integrate electronic warfare in Full Spectrum Operations (FSO) in a wide range of Army and Joint organizations. The course focuses on the Battalion level.

Requirements to be a Specialist

To become an electronic warfare specialist, the Army requires one to have a high school diploma or high school equivalency degree and to have completed high school algebra.

Other requirements include:

ASVAB Score Required: 100 in the subject areas VE/AR/AS/MC or GS/VE/MK/MC or GS/AR/MK/EI

Security Clearance: A soldier must have a security eligibility of SECRET and qualify to receive a TOP SECRET (TS) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).

Strength Requirement: medium

Physical Profile Requirement: 222221

Soldiers also need Normal Color vision and to have been in the grade of SGT or above with fewer than a decade in service (Active Component Only).

The Army spells out other requirements as follows:

  • Service Remaining Requirement is three years for reclassification into MOS effective for all service contracts drafted on and after 1 October 2009 as required by AR 614-200, chapter 4.
  • In-service accession soldiers should have passed the Warrior Leader Course.
  • No information in military personnel, Provost Marshal, intelligence or medical records that would result in the denial of security eligibility under AR 380-67 (para 3.401.a).

Wrapping Up

Is an electronic warfare specialist a job that sounds suitable for you?

If you meet the qualifications, this form of military intelligence might be worth your while to pursue.

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