Mila Araujo

Mila Araujo Personal Insurance Expert The Balance
••• Mila Araujo Personal Insurance Expert and Writer for the Balance.

Mila Araujo

Mila Araujo is the Personal Insurance Expert for The Balance. She has 20 years experience in the insurance industry in roles from Customer Service and Sales to Underwriting and Management.

As a financial writer, she views writing about topics and issues online as a way to empower people with information to help them get the most out of their insurance coverage. She's an international speaker and writer, has been published and cited over the years on a variety of topics from insurance, to to management and using social media and technology in insurance. 


Mila is a certified Personal Lines Insurance Broker. She is the Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy Insurance since 2007, an Independent Financial Services Firm with experience in home, car, life, health, group, travel and marine insurance, in business almost a hundred years, since 1924.

In her role, Mila works with some of the worlds largest insurers, and manages the needs of thousands of clients through her broker team.

Prior to this, she worked for various brokerages specializing in High-Value Insurance, P&C Group Insurance and Standard insurance.  

Mila has been a financial writer since 1998 when she built her first insurance brokerage website, including information to help customers understand their insurance basics. 

Often participating in industry pilot projects with major insurers and insurance industry suppliers and partners, she stays on top of current trends, consumer needs and emerging coverages. Both her brokerage and her work have been cited as model examples in case studies, interviews, and articles for the insurance industry. 

In 2001 she received the Bernard J. Finestone Award in General Insurance from McGill University. 

Mila grew up in California, has lived in New York, Hawaii and Montreal. 

The information in articles written by Mila for The Balance serve as information to empower consumers, and as a bouncing board to a discussion with a licensed broker or agent that can review your specific needs and explain various coverage options to you. Every insurance company has their own policy wording, in all cases the policy wording will take precedence over any discussions or examples cited.