MidFirst Bank Review - Everything You Need to Know

Weigh the pros and cons of the highest 2018 JD Power-rated bank in the Southwest

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MidFirst Bank is a privately-held bank based in Oklahoma and serving the Southwest United States. They have robust product offerings including checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, loans, CDs, and retirement accounts. MidFirst Bank holds the distinction of a JD Power index score of 877 – the highest overall score of any bank in the United States.

Who Is MidFirst Bank Best For?

MidFirst Bank is a good choice for people who live in the Southwest and are looking for a full banking experience with excellent customer service.

  • Competitive rates on CDs
  • Unique eChecking account that waives fees and pays competitive interest based on online account activity
  • Personal loan services for cars, boats, RVs and motorcycles
  • Unique Oklahoma-branded credit cards including The Oklahoma City Thunder


  • Received the highest JD Power rating of any bank in the country in 2018

  • Best-in-class customer service

  • Student savings account offers up to a $25 bonus with 12 consecutive monthly deposits

  • Extended lobby and drive-thru hours, with drive-thru opening at 7:30 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m. on weekdays


  • Credit cards have high interest rates

  • CDs require a minimum of $1000 to $5000 deposits

  • Interest-bearing checking accounts require direct deposit or minimum balances to waive fees

  • Limited to the Southwest

Types of Accounts

MidFirst Bank offers the following types of accounts:

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • Wealth Management

Learn more about each account type that MidFirst Bank offers below.

Personal Checking Accounts

MidFirst Bank offers five different types of checking accounts with varying levels of benefits and interest in each account. These depend on a variety of factors such as direct deposits, the amount on balance in the account, and your relationship with the bank.

Personal Checking Accounts
Type of Account Fees APY How to Avoid Fees Deposit Needed
M Checking $6 monthly service charge; $3 monthly service charge for customers over 60 N/A $250 or more recurring direct deposit or $1000 minimum average daily balance $100
M+ Checking $10 monthly service charge; $7 monthly service charge for customers over 60 .03% on balance up to $2,499.99; .05% on balances between $2,500 and $19,999.99; .10% on balances over $25,000 $1500 daily balance $100
eChecking $12 monthly service charge Meet qualifications in how to avoid fees and increase your debit card purchases per month; .40% at 10 debit card purchases per month; .80% at 20 debit card purchases per month; 1.50% at 30 debit card purchases per month Enroll in online banking & paperless statements AND have one of the following: direct deposit, online bill payment, ACH Withdrawal AND 10 debit card purchases per month $100
Minimal checking $0 N/A N/A $100
Go! Checking $0 N/A N/A $25

If you do a lot of online banking and are a heavy debit card user, then the eChecking option pays competitive interest rates as a reward for using your debit card and getting your statements online.

Go! Checking is perfect for students because there are no fees and it has a small deposit of only $25 required. It can be opened by those under the age of 17 with a parent’s signature and you can hold a Go! Account until the age of 24.

Personal Savings Accounts

MidFirst Bank Offers 3 different types of personal savings accounts. All of their savings accounts are covered by FDIC insurance up to the federal limit of $250,000 per person, per institution. Also, due to federal regulations, all accounts receive up to six free withdrawals per month and then incur fees for excess withdrawals – see chart for the fee for each account.

Personal Savings Accounts
Type of Account Fee APY How to Avoid Fee Deposit Needed Fees for Excess Withdrawals (Over Six Per Month)
Titanium Money Market Savings $10 monthly service charge .10% for balances up to $9,999.99; .20% for balances between $10,000 and $24,999.99; .55% for balances between $25,000 and $74,999.99; .65% for $75,000 or greater $5,000 or greater average daily balance $100 $10
Performance Savings $4 monthly service charge .15% $250 or greater average daily balance $100 $8
iSave Savings (Must be Under 17 Years Old) N/A .25% N/A $25 $3

The iSave Savings account also has a unique feature to encourage young people to develop the savings habit. With 12 consecutive monthly deposits, MidFirst Bank will match 50% (up to $25) of the average of the highest single deposit each month.


MidFirst Bank offers three types of traditional mortgages: conventional, FHA, and VA loans. Loan terms and approvals for mortgages vary greatly depending on the market at the time and the credit rating and income of the borrower. FHA loans are available to the general public for primary residences under specific circumstances, and VA loans are available to veterans and their spouses or widows and widowers. VA loans can have no down payment and FHA loans can have down payment amounts as low as 3.5%

They also offer other types of services for home buying including land loans, construction loans, bridge loans and down payment assistance programs. 

The easiest way to estimate how much your mortgage payment will be is to use a mortgage calculator.

Home Equity Loans

There are two types of home equity loans at MidFirst Bank: a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan. APRs vary with the term of the loan, the credit score, and the income of the borrower.

Home Equity Loans
Type of Loan Terms Available Closing Costs % of Home Equity You Can Borrow
Home Equity Line of Credit Open line of credit None 90%
Home Equity Loan 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 year None 90%

Home equity loans can be an excellent option to get credit at competitive rates. The downside to home equity loans is that they are secured by your home itself, and if you default the lending institution can come after your home.

MidFirst Bank also offers a Home Equity calculator to help you determine which type of home loan is best for you, whether its a line of credit or a traditional loan. You can find that calculator here.

Personal Loans

MidFirst Bank offers a variety of personal loans for cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles. Rates vary depending on factors such as what you are buying, what your income is, and the health of your credit.

One of the best features about MidFirst Bank personal loans is that they have a preapproval process that is simple to complete. It’s always a good idea to get preapproved for a loan before you go shopping for a car or other vehicle. Often you will get a much better rate with a bank loan than at a dealership.

Credit Cards

Because MidFirst is based in Oklahoma, they have several Oklahoma-themed credit cards, as well as a plain bank card. In any of the three types of credit card accounts they offer you can choose from any of the designs, including the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team and the University of Oklahoma.

Credit Cards
Type of Card Interest Rates Annual Fees Perks
Rewards Credit Card 15.99% to 21.99% None Earn 1 point for every $1 to use towards rewards like merchandise, gift cards, travel, cash back, and more
Platinum Credit Card 11.99% to 19.99% None 0% APR on first 12 billing cycles
Secured Credit Card 19.99% $19 Helps to rebuild credit history

If you pay off your balances every month, the rewards card is a good value with nice perks, and the secured card has a low annual fee for a card that can help you rebuild your credit.


All MidFirst Bank CDs are insured by the FDIC up to the federal limit of $250,000 per depositor per institution. The bank offers two different classes of CDs: a traditional Relationship CD and a Callable CD.

The Callable CDs have a lock period where you are guaranteed to earn the interest that is stated. After the lock period, MidFirst can exercise the call option and buy back your CD. If this happens you will receive the stated interest rate for the amount of time the money was invested.

Relationship CDs
CD Term Minimum Balance APY
91 Day $1,000 .40%
182 Day $1,000 .65%
9 Month Special $5,000 2.00%
12 Month $1,000 1.00%
15 Month Special $5,000 2.50%
15 Month $1,000 1.10%
23 Month Special $5,000 2.65%
24 Month $1,000 1.20%
30 Month $5,000 1.50%
36 Month $1,000 3.00%
48 Month $1,000 1.75%
60 Month $1,000 2.25%
84 Month $1,000 2.50%
120 Month $1,000 2.50%
Callable CDs
CD Term Minimum Balance APY
24 Month - 6 Month Lock $5,000 1.20%
24 Month - 3 Month Lock $5,000 1.20%
36 Month - 1 Year Lock $5,000 3.00%
60 Month - 2 Year Lock $5,000 2.25%
60 Month - 6 Month Lock $5,000 2.25%
84 Month - 2 Year Lock $5,000 2.50%
84 Month - 1 Year Lock $5,000 2.50%
84 Month - 6 Month Lock $5,000 2.50%

The rates on MidFirst CDs are competitive, but the required minimum balance is fairly high. There are CDs from other institutions with similar terms and interest rates that require much lower minimum balances.

Because of the wide variety of CDs that MidFirst offers, it is easy to set up a CD ladder to maximize your cash flow.


MidFirst Bank offers IRA accounts at the same rates as their Relationship CDs (see chart above). These tax-favored accounts are a great way to save for retirement.

You can contribute up to $5,500 a year to an IRA plan and if you are over 50 years old you can make an additional $1,000 "catch-up" contribution.

Wealth Management

This Oklahoma-based bank offers both Investment management and financial planning services.

Many banks offer investment services, but MidFirst bank also offers tax management services. By understanding tax management as part of your investment strategy, you can limit your tax liability as your investments grow.

It’s important to note that any investments in the stock market or other investment vehicles are not covered by FDIC insurance and you can lose your capital.

How to Bank with MidFirst Bank

Opening an account with MidFirst Bank is a fairly easy process. You can visit any of their 50 branches or open an account online.

You will need the following to open an account:

  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Physical address

Sources of funding can include:

  • Account number and name of bank you are transferring money from
  • Cash (in-person only)
  • Routing numbers from your checks

If you already have a savings account with MidFirst bank, they will autofill parts of your application for new accounts.

You can open accounts in your own name or jointly with another person. If you’d like to open an account in person and live in the Southwest of the United States you can find your nearest branch by using their branch locator.

Customer Service

MidFirst Bank has extended customer service hours:

  • 24/7 automated service at 888-MIDFIRST
  • Live customer service 888-MIDFIRST, option 0
  • Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

You can also mail MidFirst Bank at:

MidFirst Plaza

501 NW Grand Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

About MidFirst Bank

MidFirst Bank is one of the largest privately-owned banks in the USA. They are the highest JD Power-rated bank in the US in 2018 and hold an index score of 877. At MidFirst Bank you get the power of a large bank with the service of a community bank.

MidFirst Bank is known for their highly-trained employees, high levels of customer service, and a broad array of product offerings. They have products for individuals, businesses, and large corporations.

MidFirst Bank started in 1954 as The Midland Group and became MidFirst Bank in 1982 when the Midland Financial Co. purchased the charter bank that became MidFirst. They have more than $15 billion in assets and are one of the largest privately-held banks in the Unites States.

The Bottom Line


With their JD Power award, MidFirst bank shows that they aren’t the only ones who think they take customer service seriously. Their unique eChecking account offers rates that are competitive with some of the best online banks, and they offer a full line of loan products to their customers. With extended drive-thru hours and a well-designed website, banking at MidFirst bank is easy and convenient.


The main drawback of MidFirst bank is its limited branch locations. They are a large bank and have over 50 branches, but they are still limited to the Southwest and serve mainly Oklahoma. If you need a national bank or a bank with a large network of ATMs all over the country, then you are better off looking at banks like PNC or Bank5Connect. But if you live in Oklahoma and want a bank with a local feel, then MidFirst is an excellent choice.