Essential Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Tutorials

Learn How to Use Microsoft Money Free Version

These tutorials explain how to use Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe personal finance software, which is a free download made available since Microsoft no longer supports the software but decided not to leave Money users with no alternative. If you're not using Money Plus Sunset Deluxe, see the list of financial features that are included along with features that have been discontinued.

How to Install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

The Home Page in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe will be familiar to Money Plus users.
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Home Page

If you're going to use Microsoft Money for the first time, this tutorial explains where to download the free version and how to install it. How to install an older version of Money from a software CD is also covered, as well as converting existing data files if you're upgrading from an earlier version.

How to Install Microsoft Money Personal Finance Software More

Working with Financial Accounts in Microsoft Money

MS Money 2005 Account List
MS Money 2005 Account List - Partial Graphic

This tutorial is packed with helpful tips for beginners, starting with an explanation of how accounts work in personal finance software. Then, the five steps for setting up accounts in MS Money are explained along with using the Essential and Advanced registers, learning to set up and use investment accounts and cash using accounts in your software. Finish up with short cuts for working faster with transactions in Microsoft Money registers.

How to Use Financial Accounts and Registers in Microsoft Money

Importing Transactions

Done importing Microsoft Money transactions.
Transaction Import Complete in Microsoft Money

One of the most convenient features found in earlier versions of Microsoft Money is the ability to set up automatic transaction downloads from banks and other financial institutions. This tutorial explains in easy to understand language how to download transactions and then import them into Money Plus Sunset Deluxe so you don't have to enter all transactions into account registers by hand.

  • The types of files with transaction data that can be downloaded and imported into Money Plus Sunset Deluxe.
  • Where downloaded data is stored.
  • The four steps to downloading transactions from your online banking web site.
  • Three steps to importing transactions.
How to Import Transactions into Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Budgeting with Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money

This set of tutorials explains how to set up and work with the budget tool in Money Plus Sunset Deluxe. The Spending and Savings budget views that are unique to Money Plus Sunset Deluxe are explained so you can determine which one works best with your budgeting activities. You will also learn how to change the appearance of income and expense categories when you use an account register. You'll also learn about how to effectively use budget categories, subcategories and split transactions to track your spending and plan for the future.

How to Budget with Microsoft Money

Link a File to a Transaction

Paperclip in Microsoft Money Plus Register indicates a transaction attachment.
Attach digital images of checks, receipts, etc. to Microsoft Money transactions.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe has a great feature for documenting important purchases with a copy of your receipt, deposit slip, a warranty or other important information by linking a PDF, JPG, Microsoft Word or Excel and other types of files to a transaction. You'll need to know how to scan and save images to link files.

How to Link Files to Microsoft Money Transactions