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Are you interested in working at Microsoft? Microsoft is the third largest company in the world by market capitalization. So it makes sense to investigate employment opportunities there, particularly if you are interested in the technology sector.  

The company is recognized as an organization that accommodates career growth and professional development and affords staff the opportunity to move laterally within the organization to enhance job satisfaction.

Microsoft offers one of the finest benefits programs and a comparatively high level of compensation. The company is often listed in the top 100 companies to work for.  

Microsoft Overview

Microsoft Corporation encompasses five divisions providing diverse computer services worldwide. First, Windows and Windows Live Division: Windows products for personal computers and online software and services. Second, Server and Tools: Operating Systems, Servers, and Consulting Services. Third, Online Services Division: Online advertising and information portals. Fourth, Microsoft Business Division: Microsoft Office, desktop programs, servers, and solutions. Fifth, Entertainment, and Devices Division: Xbox gaming systems and accessories, digital music, and entertainment devices, and Windows Automotive.

Microsoft Careers:

In this section of the site, Microsoft provides an overview of the career experience within the organization including information on corporate culture, employment philosophy, professional development, and career pathways.

A description of the various business teams is also provided in this segment of the Microsoft career site.

Microsoft Job Search:

You can identify the many locations where Microsoft has offices and search for positions by country and city. Microsoft provides a drop down menu of job families like Marketing, Human Resources, Product Planning, Development, and Testing to help you identify opportunities by job function.

In addition, you can uncover opportunities by work teams like Bing, Caradigm, Skype, Cloud, Enterprise, and Devices.   You will find a detailed description of the jobs that correspond to the criteria that you entered and their specific qualifications.

College Student and Graduate Jobs:

Microsoft offers a variety of programs for recent graduates and current students worldwide. Learn about internship programs for high school and college students as well as entry level jobs for graduates. A two-year training program, the Microsoft Academy for College Hires, is offered to help integrate new graduates into the Microsoft workforce.
Microsoft Student and Graduate Programs

Employee Referral Program:

Like most organizations, Microsoft encourages employees to refer qualified candidates for jobs at the firm. A nomination from a Microsoft employee can help give visibility to your candidacy and ensure that a recruiter will take a close at your resume.  

Identify contacts at Microsoft through your professional network and contact them for information and advice about landing a job at the company. Use LinkedIn's Company Follow Tool to identify first and second-degree contacts working at Microsoft.


Job Search Tips from Microsoft:

Here are insider tips from Microsoft on how to get hired:

Job Applications:

Microsoft prefers that your application be submitted through their website. Create a profile, search for opportunities, apply for specific positions, or submit your resume for review and be contacted when a job match is found.

Your resume will be reviewed confidentially by a recruiter and hiring manager. If they agree on your qualifications, you will be contacted for an interview.

Job Interview Tips:

Answers to questions on the application process, resume advice, and FAQ's are available on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Benefits:

Microsoft offers competitive salaries, health benefits, and financial security.

The company provides continuing education on-site and online, career mentoring, and a wide variety of benefits to help fulfill your life at work and at home.​

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