Head shot of Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance
Expert Insurance Writer
University of Memphis


  • Expert insurance writer for The Balance
  • Two decades in personal finance journalism with articles published in The Guardian, USA Today, Fox Business, Bankrate, and Yahoo Finance
  • Previously worked as the Columbia correspondent for International Living, specializing in health insurance, real estate, and small business topics


Michael Evans has written about personal finance since 1999. His expertise is based on extensive industry experience: He worked in the life insurance department at SelectQuote, with G.E. Home Health Care Insurance, and wrote marketing and training materials for iOwn.com, an online mortgage broker. He currently covers homeowners and auto insurance for The Balance.

Michael has also served as International Living’s Colombia correspondent, writing articles about Colombian health care, real estate, immigration policy, business ventures, and retirement. In 2015, he authored "Escape to Colombia," published by International Living. 

His personal finance articles have been published by Bankrate, Fox Business, International Living, and Yahoo! Finance, among many others. His work has been cited by Forbes, Morning Post Exchange, and Yahoo! News.


Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Media Studies, University of Memphis