MetLife Disability Insurance Policy Review

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What happens when an unexpected illness, accident or disease leaves you either permanently or temporarily disabled? You never expected this. After all, these things always happen to other people, right? Unfortunately, a disabling accident or illness can happen suddenly, and you may find that the steady income you relied on from your job is gone. This is where the protection of having a disability insurance policy can help.

Disability insurance helps you keep up with living expenses such as utility bills, food, clothing, mortgage payments and more if you become disabled and unable to work. Knowing that your family’s financial security is protected can go a long way toward providing you peace of mind. Normally, disability insurance provides anywhere up to 65% of your gross income. MetLife is one of the top-rated insurance companies providing consumers disability insurance products.

Company Overview

Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, few insurance companies have a longer history than MetLife Insurance Company. It was founded in 1868 and is the largest life insurer in the United States. The company has an “A+” superior rating with A.M. Best insurance rating organization.

MetLife offers customers life insurance products, including term and universal life insurance; as well as disability insurance for both individuals and business owners, annuities, dental insurance, home and auto insurance. Also, you can also access a wide range of financial products such as retirement planning, wealth management, and mortgage services.

MetLife Disability Plans for Individuals

MetLife offers three disability insurance plans for individuals:

  • MetLife Income Guard: Extensive and customizable coverage designed with special coverage features for executives and medical professionals. This plan is available in all states except California.
  • OMNI Essentials: Broad and customizable income protection coverage options for the consumer on a budget. This plan is available in all states except California.
  • Salary Saver-CA Only: This plan is for California policy holders and allows extensive coverage for medical and executive professionals with a built-in option that allows you to purchase additional coverage without underwriting.

    Disability Insurance Policy Riders

    MetLife offers its customers long and short term disability insurance policies which are customizable with riders that afford additional disability benefit coverage options. Here is an overview of the optional policy riders:

    • Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits Rider: The hospital confinement rider will pay $500 per day for hospitalization and double that benefit if you are in an intensive care unit.
    • Accident Medical Expense Rider: You can customize you disability policy by adding the accident medical expensive rider and receive $1,000-$5,000 for medical bills incurred after an injury. The amount is reimbursed to you after you make the payment to the medical facility.
    • Return of Premium Benefit Rider: This policy option is attractive for those who want an option to receive back unused premium. After you’ve had your disability policy for ten years, you can receive back 50-80% of any unused premium dollars minus any claims. This is available for both long and short-term policies.
    • Social Insurance Supplement Benefits Rider: This supplement can be added to a MetLife long term disability policy to pay additional benefits to insureds that are not eligible to receive Social Security or Worker’s Compensation benefits.

    Pros & Cons

    MetLife has a long history and is a financially sound company that you can depend upon to be around when you need to make a disability insurance claim. The company offers a comprehensive selection of benefits and options designed to give you the greatest flexibility when choosing a disability insurance policy. All MetLife disability plans are not available in every state and the website specifically, lists that the MetLife Income Guard Plan is not available in the state of California.

    Contact Information

    You can visit the MetLife Insurance website to learn more about its disability insurance policy and other insurance products or call 1-800-638-5000. You can also email MetLife using the Contact Us feature.