6 Essential Articles for Meeting and Convention Planners

It can be hard traversing the World Wide Web in looking for advice on a specific topic. And, not any advice. Advice that is sound, trustworthy and makes sense. To save you time, I've put together a list of my most popular pieces of advice for meeting and convention planners into one easy at-a-glance format.

From how to avoid greenwashing and explaining confusing meeting terminology to how to hire a professional translator to tips for the beginning planner, here's essential advice on how to make sure your events are as successful as possible.

10 Negotiating Tips For Hotel Rates and Contracts

Receptionist in hotel lobby
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Negotiating for a fair price can be downright scary, especially if you hate the thought of any type of wrangling or confrontation.

While it's not a skill that comes easy to most, it can be learned and it can be leveraged successfully to your advantage. I compiled ten useful strategies that will have you skillfully negotiating with the best of them! More

Getting the Most from the Hotel Staff

Just as important as negotiating is making sure you get the most from your hotel staff. Don't just focus on getting a specific price, make sure you use the opportunity to get added amenities and perks for your group.

And, don't just consider the usual. If you think outside the box, you could open the doors to much more results than you initially considered. More

Best Advice for a Career in Meeting Planning

Whether you're just starting out in meeting and convention planning or if you're a veteran of the field, useful words of support and wisdom from someone who's been there and done that are always a big support.

I consulted with industry expert Allison Kinsley, CMM, CMP of Kinsley Meetings to provide both novices and the experienced with tips on how to launch a successful career, or - if you're on the opposite side of the spectrum - how to make sure your career continues thrives. More

Confusing Meeting Terms Explained

There's enough acronyms and abbreviations in the meeting and conventions industry to drive just about anyone crazy, especially if you're still trying to pick them up as others casually drop them nonstop.

Do you need to produce an ROI and RFPs on that big convention in the works? Or, been asked to reach out to the CVB about a possible FAM? It's ok. Don't panic. My A-to-Z guide fills you in on the most popular sayings, and tells you what they mean. More

5 Things You Need to Know When Seeking Professional Translation Services

Dealing with planning a meeting, convention or special event in your native tongue can be challenging enough, but what if you must accommodate other languages, too? And, what if you had to not only accommodate two different languages, but three, four or more?

I spoke to a leader in the translation services industry -- Maria Cristina de la Vega, President of ProTranslating -- to garner what you need to know the most about hiring a professional translator. More

How to Avoid Greenwashing

In this day and age, more and more clients will want you to make arrangements with an eye to keeping things are green as possible, but how do you know things are as green as vendors and hotels say they are? Especially, when everything is stamped with the words "green" or "organic," or a picture of a leaf or the earth?

I compiled some tips on how to make sure you don't succumb to being a victim of greenwashing.