The Incredible Medible? Meet 5 Creative Cannabis Candy Makers

Medibles have come a long way in the past few years, as have the expectations from consumers that medicinal edibles should taste good. Telemedicine for remote prescriptions along with cannabis delivery services are making "edibles" as accessible as every other food delivery service. 

At the High Times Northern California Cannabis Cup, marijuana edibles makers laid out their rx treats, ranging from drinks to baked goods to candy. Thankfully, food safety education for cannabis edible makers (many new to the food industry) is helping these creative food crafters with their missions to bring a little joy to healing.

Etsy-grade Cannabis Infused Candies and Cake Pops From ProperRx

Cake pop cannabis infused medibles baked in San Francisco
ProperRx makes cannabis-infused medible artisan desserts from cake pops to caramel and rice krispy treats for California card holders. Susie Wyshak

ProperRx was one of the high-end prescription-only "medibles" (marijuana edibles) made by Infusions. This sister company to ProperRX makes medicinal goodies of the caliber sold at  artisan food / craft fairs — including Red Velvet Cake Pops and sea salt caramels.

How much more on-trend can they be? The company's CBD* gummies are made with grassfed beef gelatin, an ingredient you rarely see even in non-medicinal gummy candy. Each edible lists the amount of THC included, and the company delivers to patients.

*CBD refers to non-psychoactive Cannabidiol, a cannabis compound that has significant health benefits for patients, but does not cause a 'stoned' feeling. CBD can counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.

This Cannabis Infused Marshmallow Candy Bar Looks Too Good

Medible cannabis infused caramel marshmallow candy bar from The Muffin Man in California
Artisan candy bar? Yes - infused with cannabis as an incredible edible. This caramel walnut marshmallow candy bar made by The Muffin Man in California. Susie Wyshak

I've tasted a lot of great artisan candy, and these Southern California-made bars layered with caramel and marshmallow look downright addictive. 

The Muffin Man states that it's one of the original marijuana edibles companies, founded in Amsterdam. Today, this cann-fectioner "provides its products exclusively to medical dispenseries and delivery services within California."

Cannabis edible makers mark the foods with the THC dosage. High Times, which runs the Cannabis Cup where I saw these "medibles" notes in its contests that "Judges always look for “the Holy Grail,” a food item with an appropriate dose of cannabis in a satisfying portion size." 

The perfect business extension would be to deliver non-medicinal candy along with the cannabis candy...because you know you'd want to eat 3 more after eating the medicinal one. Or at least I would.

Artisan Chocolate Cannabis Truffles Led to Invention of a Child Proof Box

Gourmet cannabis infused medible truffles made in California
Gourmet cannabis infused medible truffles by Cheffettes, made in California in an amazing child-proof plastic box. Susie Wyshak

Cheffettes is one of those great career-changer stories. Founder Marla 'Molly' Poiset went to the Cordon Bleu in her late 50s on a lark. She soon found herself mastering the art of chocolate. 

When her daughter got leukemia, she began experimenting with cannabis edibles to help her daughter ease the pain. 

The beautiful chocolate truffles she produces in a San Francisco Bay Area commercial kitchen are coated so that the cannabis candy is shelf stable. They won a High Times award.

As a professionally-trained chef, Poiset can infuse any food by custom order. Food scientist Rachel Zemser has noted many an edible made without standard food safety guidelines in mind. Unlike home-based cottage food businesses, there as of yet aren't regulations around the edible business. 

So if you're a medicinal marijuana patient in the market for edibles, look to a maker that knows the best practices of cannabis edibles as well as food preparation. 

This Clever Kid-Safe Box Came From Necessity

Even more innovative than the truffles are a "medi-safe" box that her daughter developed, with a patent pending.

This clever box is stackable, microwave and freezer proof, and has a child-proof closure. In addition to keeping the cannabis confections out of reach, the boxes can be used to hold toys that are choking hazards and other medicines.

Organic Cannabis Candy Made in California by Space Gem Candy

Organic Medible Candy from Humbolt - Space Gem Candy
Space Gem Candy Medi-candy including organic medibles - made in Humboldt. Susie Wyshak

The world of medibles has no shortage of drinks and candy that are essentially the junk food of the marijuana edibles world.

Space Gem Candy taps into its roots in the Emerald Triangle (also known as Humboldt County) to feed the needs of organic-eating, candy-loving medicinal marijuana card holders with both THC and CBD gummies and hard candy. The founder and maker is a woman named Wendy, who sources locally grown fruit for her vegetarian candy.

A profile in Emerald Magazine details Space Gem's organic fruit strips "made with fresh fruit, coconut oil and medicinal THC/CBD; hard candies including gems and lollipops; and sour and sweet “SpaceDrop Gummies” made with pectin instead of gelatin." 

Space Gem is yet another cannabis candy company making foods that would have potential for huge success in the mainstream candy market — and who could very likely find success selling non-medicinal candy as a companion to inhale after you've had your dose.

Infused Creations Makes Cannabis-Infused Candies

Infused Creations gummy medible candy made in California
Cannabis-infused gummy candy medibles by Infused Creations. Susie Wyshak

Infused Creations turns familiar fruit-flavored gummy candies, like gummy worms, into cannabis-infused edibles out of their Southern California operation. According to their website, the medible gummies are lab tested for consistency. (Apparently you can actually make medible gummies by melting store-bought gummies.)

The only problem with THC gummies?? Once you start munching you better have non-THC gummy candies on hand as you might not stop inhaling them after your dosage. I've heard anyway.

The company also makes CBD versions of the medicinal marijuana gummies for patients who want the positive effects of cannabidiol without the high.