What Are Common Job Titles in Media?

There's More to Media Than Being a News Anchor

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When you think of a job in media, you likely think your local news anchors or the daily weatherman. However, these roles are just a tiny subset of the career options available in media. From broadcasting to graphic design, media is a broad field with many possibilities. Check out the below job titles in media to see if this industry is right for you:


In the editorial side of the business, editors and writers create content, both in written and visual forms.

Some of the most common positions include working as an editorial assistant or content manager for an agency or news outlet. While a bachelor's degree in journalism or English can be helpful, if you are an exceptional writer, you may be able to bypass education requirements for entry-level work. 


Advertising jobs are popular, mostly because they can be very lucrative positions. If you work as an advertising sales person or as an account manager, you are responsible for selling ad space. That can range from billboards to television commercials. You make sure the client's space is secured, ensure that their ad appears as it should and that it runs as planned. Many of these roles work on commission, so if you are good at your work, you can make a high income. 

Graphic Design:

As a graphic designer, you create visual materials for both print and online. From creating logos to building annual reports, you play a pivotal role in the branding and look of the organization.

You need to be extremely skilled with computers and design programs, but a degree is often not necessary if you have a strong portfolio. 


As a marketing assistant or marketing director, you promote your company's products or services to the public. From creating campaigns to coming up with taglines, your goal is to make the product attractive and desirable.

Most positions will require a bachelor's degree, and competition for entry-level roles can be fierce. Internships can give you a strong competitive advantage. 

Public Relations:

Public relations is often confused with marketing, but they are very different. Public relations specialists or coordinators do not sell products; instead, they promote and maintain the good reputation of their clients. They work with local media to provide news stories, interviews and experts for stories and handle inquiries from the press. 

The media industry is a broad and varied business with many different roles and potential job titles. While most people think of newspapers and television shows, media is much more. From roles in advertising to working on an editorial team to develop new content for a website, there are many different options for you. If you are good writer or are more visual, you can still have a solid career within the media industry. Choose a career path based on your interests, strengths and educational goals. 

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