Finding and Working With a Media Headhunter

Should I Use a Media Headhunter?

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What is a Headhunter?

Headhunters are people who help career professionals find new (or first-time) jobs in their chosen profession. They can place people with large behemoths like General Motors or small national (or local) businesses including firms with 100 people or less. Essentially, a headhunter is someone who works in the field of human resources as a kind of free agent. Depending upon the industry, a headhunter might only spend their time actively seeking out an individual to fill a job opening.

This is often the case in financial services (where people command salaries in the high six-figures) or when a headhunter is tasked with filling a senior-level position for someone with an established career. Media headhunters are those individuals that exclusively work to place people in jobs in the media industry whether it's working at a newspaper, magazine, TV station, ad agency or PR firm.

How Can I Find a Media Headhunter?

A media headhunter might find you, but it's more likely you'll need to do the legwork and find them (unless, of course, you're at that point in your career where you can command a high six-figure salary). If, however, you have five, ten, 15 or 20 years under your belt, or if you're just starting out, start your search online and post your resume on sites like, which caters to headhunters.

While it's ideal to work with someone in our area so you can meet face-to-face, don't shy away from those outside your immediate geographic area.

Narrow your search by looking for a media headhunter with positions that not only appeal to you but are in your designated area. 

Another way a media headhunter might find you is if you submit an application in response to a job posting online, which is often the case with LinkedIn. Especially the large companies, only hire employees through a headhunter, so you might wind up connecting with a headhunter by chance because it's their job to find the best candidate for the employer who hired them to start the job search.

What Else Can a Media Headhunter Do For Me?

Similar to a media careers counselor, who helps people figure out what it is they want to do, a media headhunter can offer advice on your job search and give you tips about your resume. The value of working with a media headhunter is that you have a skilled professional aware of job openings (you're probably unaware of) and they'll help you get a job, for free.

How Should I Prepare For My First Meeting?

Your first meeting with a media headhunter is no different than a job interview. While your headhunter meeting will feel more like you're on equal grounds, you still need to comport yourself with the utmost professionalism, i.e. dress the part and be prepared to answer the kind of questions you'd be asked on a job interview.

It's imperative you make a good impression on the headhunter because their reputation is based on the applicants they send to their clients. The more they feel comfortable in recommending you, the better your chances for being recommended.

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