Meat and Seafood Coupons and Savings Tips

How to Save on Meat and Seafood


One of the toughest food categories for coupon clippers to find coupons for is meat and seafood. Luckily, there are other ways to save on these products. But when it comes to coupons, usually what is out there are coupons for processed meat and frozen seafood products.

Save on Meat Products

There are all different types of meat products. While the meat counter or butcher shop may not offer coupons for savings, using coupons to save on breakfast meats, luncheon meat for school lunches, or frozen prepared meat (for example, frozen meatloaf) is a good way to save on food costs.

Taking advantage of seasonal sales is also a great option for certain types of meat products. During holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day, for instance, coupons for hot dogs begin to show up and the value of the coupons are higher than at other times of the year. For people who like to shop in bulk, the holiday weekends are often a good time to take advantage of the coupons and buy and freeze for future use.

Using Catalinas Coupons

Catalina dollar-off the total sale coupons can also help cut the cost of meat and seafood. Coupon clippers will save their Catalina coupons for when they plan to buy items that do not often have other types of coupons available and this is certainly the case when it comes to buying fresh meat and seafood.

Other Ways to Save on Fresh Meat and Seafood

Truck Load Sales: For fresh meat and seafood, shoppers should compare prices advertised in their local weekly grocery circulars for the best prices.

Many times grocery stores will also feature truckload sales with super low prices. To find out when the sales will be going on, check your newspaper or sign up online at your grocery store's website.

The Freezer Section: Don't forget to dig through the freezer section at the grocery store. You can often find good deals on the big bags of frozen seafood and meats.

Email Notifications and Facebook: Signing up at your favorite grocery store websites and also manufacturers websites that sell meat and seafood products can keep you informed when coupons are issued. Facebook is also a good source for meat and seafood coupons. Many manufacturers will offer coupons on the websites or on Facebook. Here is a list of the companies that usually offer online coupons: