Maximum Profits

The Ultimate Guide to Quickly Increasing the Sales of Your Ecommerce Store

Maximum Profits
Maximum Profits.

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This book claims to help your online store earn more for you, generate better sales, and start you on a trajectory of ecommerce success. The author, Mark Mathis, uses a simple seven-step method of innovative marketing to help your ecommerce venture increase sales.


The author jumps right to the point and explains ways of increasing sales of ecommerce stores through chapters such as: exit and entry pop-ups which throw new light on marketing.

He helps readers understand how social media can be retargeted, while also retargeting the web. The author elaborates on what it takes to make an online venture click, and generate revenues. He guides readers on making ecommerce businesses profitable, stable and sustainable.

One of the most interesting chapters is on cart abandonment, a consumer behavior wherein consumers get distracted while making an online purchase, and eventually end up not buying the product. This is a huge problem, and ecommerce businesses strive to stem cart abandonment. As a bonus, the author includes a separate chapter on additional tricks of the trade, and a future course of action for ecommerce entrepreneurs.


Mark Mathis has been the No. 1 bestselling author on Amazon. It is hard to believe that this prosperous businessman is a small town country farm boy hailing from South Mississippi. Over the last two decades, Mathis, an ecommerce expert, has set up and sold numerous ecommerce stores.

He is founder of Local Marketing Labs, a marketing agency in the US. The author has helped several small businesses take advantage of the Internet and use, and increase their business through clever marketing. Mathis resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is married with three boys.


The biggest USP of this book is its simple, straightforward style.

It has a smooth flowing narrative, with easy to follow steps for the readers. Mathis does not go into complicated methodology, he essentially offers a seven-step method and throws in a few additional tips as bonus. Another aspect that makes the book interesting is the author’s own experiences. The author writes of his own struggles and failures and this makes it more endearing for the readers who can identify with a writer who speaks of his successes but more importantly, his failures. Mathis shows readers through his own trials and tribulations that when the going got tough, he never did give up. So the book is not only a ready guide for ecommerce business owners, it is particularly useful to the prospective ecommerce entrepreneur.


The book is too concise, and the author could do well to, perhaps, dwell on subjects a little more. Also, I wish that this book didn't have so much of sales talk.


This book provides tips and tools on enhancing online sales. It is for professionals and amateurs interested in the world of ecommerce and online marketing. The book is a must-have for people looking to foray into the ecommerce space. Mathis’ advice and suggestions can also help existing online businesses rejuvenate their sales and spread its online footprint.

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