Maryland Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers

Program Name

The Janet L. Hoffman Maryland Loan Repayment Program for Teachers - LARP

Maryland Loan Forgiveness Amounts

The Maryland loan forgiveness program for teachers erases up to $30,000 in student loans over a three-year period. The actual amount varies depending on the amount of student loan debt a teacher is carrying and is subject to an income limitation.

Eligible Teachers

To be eligible for the Maryland loan forgiveness program, a Maryland teacher must:

  • Have earned their degree from a Maryland college.
  • Be working full-time (35+ hours per week).
  • Not be in default on their student loan.

Eligible Schools and Subjects

Teachers must be teaching in one of the following areas:

  • High School - Technology, computer science, health, ESL, math, Latin, Spanish, reading, science, physical education, or special education.
  • Elementary - ESL, reading, or special education.

For a full list of qualifying schools and subject areas, visit The Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Program Website and Contact Info

Official Application: Maryland Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers

Phone: 410-260-4500