Four Maketing Tips to Help Boost Sales for the Recycling Entrepreneur

Marketing Tips for the Recycling Entrepreneur

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Just a few key tips can give the boost that your small business needs in terms of marketing.

Oftentimes for the independent entrepreneur or small business owner, marketing can get lost in the shuffle of your day to day business. When there isn`t enough work to fill up the day, the entrepreneur is motivated to market hard enough to fill up the daily schedule, but this can be a lost opportunity for sales growth.

If your business goals include growing your business and providing employment opportunities for others, you need to think about replicating some of that good service you provide yourself through existing or new employees or branches. But in order to have that opportunity, marketing plays a key role in getting the word out in the marketplace about the valuable services your company can provide to customers. While you should at least consider a small business marketing plan, here ere are some quick thoughts to jump start your marketing efforts:

Make use of business cards and brochures  

Don't underestimate the power of a good business card. Having one is essential to generating referrals and repeat calls. There are plenty of good websites that will help you create and produce inexpensive business cards as well as brochures, which can be left with various professionals or supportive businesses (see below)

Tap personal and professional relationships 

One key to success is asking customers, if they are happy with your service, to please recommend you to others.

Also, think about establishing relationships that can be potentially of mutual benefit. By getting to know various business people such as realtors, renovation centers operators or others, you are aiding their reputation as being a full-service provider in that they can recommend you as a reliable and professional provider of services that are needed.

 Junk removal and scrap pickup are examples of services that are helpful for such business operators in making a great experience for their customers. Such referral networks can be invaluable for your business.

Make time for marketing

As discussed above, it can be easy to lose sight of marketing in the daily activities of running your business. Some ways to help schedule your marketing time may include activities such as attending business networking events or seminars, responding to articles of interest in publications, or scheduling lunches with important customers. Don't forget about the importance of customer retention, and keeping closely aligned with the needs of existing clients. Other ideas include attending industry functions, or when visiting other cities, reach out to others with similar businesses and establish a relationship.

Utilize social media  

While there is still some debate as to whether the investment in social media is worthwhile for small business, establishing Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business is one easy way to make and retain connections so that your service remains at top of mind. 

Remember that social media is not the same as advertising! In social media.

Be helpful and supportive, without disrespectfully pushing your product. As a rule of thumb, no more than one out of every seven comments should be self-promoting. Too much self-serving content can easily turn off other participants. But also be opportunistic. Keep your mind open for community-minded events to capture and share.