Learn How to Ace a Marketing Interview

Two businesswomen in discussion in conference room
Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

If the thought of going through a job interview gives you the chills and makes you squirm, rest assured, it does not have to be that way. With some preparation and planning, you can ace your next interview and land your dream marketing job. 

Preparing for a Marketing Interview

Before your interview, do some research on the company and your interviewer. Check out their social media and the news section of their website to find out about recent achievements, new campaigns or major issues.

Having some background will help you impress interviewers and give you a solid foundation during your conversation.

Make sure you bring copies of your resume and samples of your writing or other work. You'd be surprised by how many candidates do not bother to share a portfolio, but doing so highlights both your excellent work and your thoroughness. Be prepared to talk through two or three main pieces, such as a blog post you wrote that went viral or a social media campaign you did for a local non-profit organization. 

While you may be tempted to show some creative flair when dressing for an interview, don't go too crazy. Marketing interviews still typically require a suit. You can show some color with a tie or blouse, but save the funky and edgy stuff for when you're hired and get a better idea of the company culture. 

Marketing Interview Questions

Marketing questions can be very broad or very specific.

You likely will be asked about your work style, your strengths and weaknesses and projects you're proud of. Other common questions you can expect during an interview include:

  • Tell me about a marketing project in which you had to coordinate and manage a diverse team of people to achieve deliverables.
  • Give me an example of a marketing campaign (either your own or someone else's) that you consider to have been very successful.
  • Tell me about a campaign with which you were involved that did not go as well as expected. What do you think went wrong?
  • What do you consider the 5 most important aspects of successful marketing?
  • Tell me about a time when you successfully changed a customer's mind.
  • Give an example of a time when you accomplished a marketing activity on a tight budget.
  • How have you successfully incorporated online marketing tools into your previous marketing campaigns?
  • How familiar are you with our target market?
  • What marketing strategies would you consider using for our product?
  • Why are you interested in our product/service?