Marketing Campaign Checklist

Marketing Campaign Checklist
Getty Images / Marc Romanelli

Are you preparing to launch a marketing campaign? Are you sure that it will be successful? We know that marketing is often trial and error as we continue to learn about our targeted audience, but there are things you can do to increase the success rate. Here is a market planning checklist that will help.

  • ____Do you know which features of your product or service will appeal to the audience you are targeting? Have you analyzed the market segment you are trying to reach?
  • ____Are your benefits clear? Have you described them clearly in your marketing message to your targeted market?
  • ____Have you created a pricing schedule? What kind of discounts or specials will you offer and who will you offer them to?
  • ____Which media will you use for your marketing campaign? Will you market using more traditional media like television, print or radio? Or will you focus more on interactive media such as social or online advertising?
  • ____Have you created a sales forecast? What measurement will prove this marketing campaign as successful?
  • ____What about add-ons? Have you mentioned optional accessories or added services that consumers who purchase might be interested in?
  • ____How easy will consumers find your product to use? Have you provided clear instructions? What about warranty information? Have you shared with them information about your customer service as well as customer satisfaction policies?
  • ____Will the way you have packaged your product appeal to the market you are targeting?
  • ____How will you distribute your product?

Using this checklist, you can launch your marketing campaign with confidence and know that you have done everything you need to do to ensure your marketing campaign is a success.