Mark D. Wolfinger, Ph.D.
Options trading, Market making
Brooklyn College, Northwestern University
  • Professional options trader since 1975
  • Former market maker at the Chicago Board of Exchange
  • Author of multiple books, including "The Rookie's Guide to Options"

Mark Wolfinger is a former writer for The Balance who covered options trading. He was an options market maker at the CBOE for over two decades and has shared his expertise as the author of several books on the subject, including "The Rookie's Guide to Options," now in its second edition.

During his time at the CBOE, Wolfinger used strategies including writing covered calls and naked puts, selling put credit spreads and trading iron condors. He has continued to trade for his own account and uses his books, trading seminars, and blog to advise novice options traders.

Wolfinger's other books and e-books include: