Mark Wolfinger

I began trading options in 1975; only two years after the CBOE opened its trading floor. My strategy of choice was writing covered calls. In more recent times, I've written naked puts, sold put credit spreads and traded iron condors.

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In late 1976, I was working for Monsanto Company as a research chemist when a friend bought a seat on the CBOE. We had lengthy discussions about his new venture. Long story short, he gave me an opportunity to come to Chicago and trade as a market maker. I accepted, quit my job and drove to Chicago. That was December 20, 1976 and my life changed forever.

I've been in the options business since that time. I departed the CBOE trading floor in mid-2000. Since that time I've been trading my own account - just as you do - as a retail customer. But, I added something new when I began writing and teaching others how to trade options with a conservative bias. My first book was published in 2002 (The Short Book on Options) and others followed. The list is below.

I published a blog for several years, and the contents are still available.


BS Brooklyn College

Ph D Northwestern University

Mark Wolfinger

My current projects include

  • Writing educational material at The Balance
  • Writing a series of eBooks on the Best Option Strategies.

The latest is a Kindle eBook, Iron Condors: Volume two in the series. 

This content at The Balance is written to meet your needs - whether you are a complete novice, beginner, or intermediate trader.

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