Marine Corps Officer Job Descriptions

MOS 0207 -- Air Intelligence Officer

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MOS/Title: 0207 -- Air Intelligence Officer

Type of Officer : Unrestricted Line Officer

Type of MOS : PMOS

Rank Range: Capt to 2ndLt

Job Description: Air intelligence officers function in a variety of intelligence billets located within the air wing. Billets include targeting officer, collections officer. dissemination officer, S-2 officer of a fixed-wing or rotary wing squadron. and intelligence officer at an intelligence battalion.

Job Requirements:

(l) Must be eligible for a top-secret security clearance and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) predicated upon a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). Application for the SSBI must be submitted prior to attendance of the Air Intelligence Officers Course at NMITC, Dam Neck, VA.

(2) Must be a lieutenant to be assigned this MOS as a primary MOS. Officers assigned this MOS will retain it as an additional MOS following completion of the MAGTF Intelligence Officers Course and re-designation as a 0202 MAGTF Intelligence officer.

(3) Must complete the Basic Intelligence Officers Course (BlOC) prior to the awarding of the MOS.

(4) Complete the Air Intelligence Officers Course (AIOC), Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC), Dam Neck, VA.

(5) The following courses of instruction are desirable as skills progression courses for MOS 0207:

  • (a) Intel Collection Management Course, Washington, DC.
  • (b) Combat Targeting Course, Goodfellow AFB, TX.
  • (c) Intelligence Analyst Course, Washington, DC.
  • (d) Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Course. Yuma, AZ.

(6) Must be a U.S. citizen.

Duties: For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 3500.32, Intelligence Training and Readiness Manual.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

(I) Intelligence Research Specialist 059.167-010.

(2) Intelligence specialist 059.267-014.

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Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, part 1