Learn About Marine Corps Field Artillery

USMC Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors

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The field artillery or Field 08 is divided among three functional areas: firing battery, field artillery operations, and field artillery observation/liaison.

Qualifications of Marine Corps Field Artillery

Qualifications for this Marine Corps position include:

  • Ability and learned skills to operate and maintain artillery equipment.
  • Basic technical and mathematical skills for computing, communicating and executing fire commands.
  • Ability and attitudes supporting life and close work with others in a field environment.
  • Performing duties involving hard technical skills as well as administrative and managerial skills.

Job Duties

The duties that must be learned vary by functional area. For example, firing battery includes moving, emplacing, loading, firing, protecting, and maintaining field artillery cannon weapons systems. Field artillery operations involve moving, emplacing, operating, protecting, and maintaining equipment which acquires targets; provides, relates, and evaluates gun and target survey information, meteorological data, weapon system performance; and integrating these factors into orders and communicating these orders to the firing battery.

Field artillery observation and liaison include checking and analyzing combat plans and communicating appropriate advice, planning and operating information to coordinate the fires of field artillery and naval guns with infantry and armor combat maneuvers; observing and reporting targets and other battlefield information; and adjusting observed fires on targets.

Entry-Level Jobs

Types of entry-level jobs include work as field artillery battery man or Cannoneer, radar operator, fire control man, meteorological man and, as a fire support man, spotting fires of artillery and naval gunfire.

Formal schooling or field skills training is provided to Marines entering the OccFld.

Because field artillery is the primary supporting arm for Marine Infantry and Armor, most of its billets are in FMF ground organizations.

The Marine artilleryman finds most assignment opportunities similar to the wide variety of billets available to those in other combat and combat support fields at all staff levels of the division and in various free billets. Marines entering this OccFld receive MOS 0800, Basic Field Artillery Man, and under instruction and close supervision, perform the routine duties incident to the firing, operation, and maintenance of field artillery pieces and related equipment.

These Marines are trained for one of the MOSS in the field artillery OccFld and participate in routine functioning and tactical employment of the unit to which attached.

Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties

Below are the Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties which are organized under this occupational field:

  • 0811 --Field Artillery Cannoneer
  • 0814 --High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
  • 0842 --Field Artillery Radar Operator
  • 0844 --Field Artillery Fire Control Man
  • 0847 -- Artillery Meteorological Man
  • 0848 -- Field Artillery Operations Man
  • 0861 --Fire Support Man