Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 6046 -- Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialist

Type of MOS : PMOS

Rank Range: MgySgt to Pvt

Job Description: Aircraft maintenance administration specialist maintain aircraft log books, naval aircraft maintenance publications/files, and prepare reports, logs records, directives, and correspondence in an aircraft maintenance and repair activity. Initial formal training is at the Aviation Maintenance Administration Course at the Naval Air Station, Meridian, MS.

Additionally, they receive training as data processing equipment operators, perform duties on data entry equipment, and supervise the maintenance administration functions within the unit. They are required to set up, operate, and perform minor maintenance on Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS) hardware and its associated remote peripheral subsystems. The operato~ is formally trained at the Data Analysis course at the Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC), Pensacola, FL. Aircraft maintenance administration specialists who have successfully completed the Data Analysis Course analyze control charts and program maintenance and man-hour statistical information to aid the maintenance managers and logisticians in the performance of their assigned tasks.

Job Requirements:

(1) Must be a U. S. citizen.

(2) Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.

(3) Must have normal color perception.

(4) Must have a confidential security clearance.

(5) Basic PC operation/word processing with the capability of 15 words per minute.

(6) Complete the appropriate formal "A" school, Aviation Maintenance Administration Course, Meridian, MS.

(7) Complete the appropriate formal "C" school, Data Analysis Course, Pensacola, FL (sergeants and above) .

Duties: For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO P 4790.20, Maintenance Training Management and Evaluation Programs (MATMEP) for MOS 6046.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

(1) Aircraft Log Clerk.

(2) Computer Peripheral Equipment Operator 213.382-010.

(3) Maintenance Data Analysis 221.367.038.

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Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3