Margo Armstrong

RV Lifestyle
Freelance Writer


  • Freelance writer and published author with expertise in RV-living
  • Lived the RV-lifestyle for over 26 years and writes about it on her blog
  • Has written 19 books, most of which are about motorhomes


Margo Armstrong is a freelance writer and published author. She is an expert in all things RV-living, having lived the RV lifestyle herself for over 26 years. Her personal experience and expertise has translated into her blog MovingOnWithMargo as well as 19 e-books, most of which are related to motorhomes. She has also written books about travel, investing and women.

Margo has been a member of the Escapees RV Club since 1997 and writes for the club’s magazine. Her articles have also been published in many other RV lifestyle publications. Margo believes that her articles offer a step-by-step guide to those looking to transition to an RV-lifestyle and answer many questions that they may have.