National Pie Days Are Nearly Every Day. That's a Good Thing.

Celebrating Two Pie Holidays is as American As Apple Pie

Banana cream tart close up
Whipped cream slathered banana cream tart at a food fair. Susie Wyshak

Thank the American Pie Council for the "real" National Pie Day, which falls each January 26. 

The American Pie Council is part club, part association, part trade group run by a fascinating list of sponsors. This group invented the food holiday in 1986.

Given that pie is a recipe, this group is like having a Beef Jerky Council or Egg Salad Council. Which, who knows, may one day exist due to the initiative of one motivated food entrepreneur or farmer.

12 Months of Pie Flavor Days Fill Our Cravings

Pie bakeries happened to luck out when Congress dubbed March 14 National Pi Day (get it, 3.14). They named this day in 2009 not for the pie-eating events that day has inspired but with the idea of being a more a math-centric holiday.

Yet in between January 26 and March 14, there are plenty of national pie days for specific flavors. Just a small taste:

  1. National Rhubarb Pie Day - January 23
  2. National Cherry Pie Day - February 20
  3. National Banana Cream Pie Day - March 2
  4. National Blueberry Pie Day - April 28
  5. National Coconut Cream Pie Day - May 8 (perfect for Gilligan's Island fans)
  6. National Apple Pie Day - May 13
  7. National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day - June 9 (not to be confused with Rhubarb Pie Day or Strawberry Cream Pie Day!)
  8. National Pecan Pie Day - July 16
  9. National Lemon Meringue Pie Day - August 15
  10. National Peach Pie Day - August 24
  11. National Strawberry Cream Pie Day - September 28
  1. National Boston Cream Pie Day - October 23
  2. National Lemon Cream Pie Day - November 29 (for those non-meringue lovers)
  3. National Pumpkin Pie Day - December 25

National Pie Days Are Good For Business

National food holidays have become somewhat of a national pasttime in America.

From a business perspective, there's a lot of good things that come from highlighting a food for a day.


  • Pie holidays get people buying produce. Especially at the height of berry season, getting lots of people baking lots of pies sells lots of fruit. Promoting produce and nuts with food holidays is fun!
  • Pie holidays promote baking ingredients, naturally selling ready-made pie crusts and ingredients to make pies. (Supermarkets have an untapped opportunity to merchandise for national pie days the way they do pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.)
  • Pie holidays are perfect for hashtags and free social media marketing. #NationalKeyLimePieDay and #FoodPorn go hand in hand and give recipe websites / bloggers, cookbook authors, supermarkets, ingredients manufacturers and home chefs a fun and organic way to get buzz and conversations going.

3.14+ Pie Bakery Business Model Ideas

On Pi Day it's worth noting that just as food has taken to the streets, so have pie businesses.

  1. Frozen mail-order pies
  2. Pie pop up or farmers market sales with seasonal flavors
  3. Cottage food industry pie making (of shelf-stable pies) for personal delivery
  4. Traditional pie shop
  5. Wholesale pies food service, such as selling to cafes or restaurants
  6. Selling pie crust either in tins or ready to roll out
  7. Selling pie filling in jars or cans

Find pie recipes and test your best pie at the famous KCRW Pie Contest in Los Angeles or other pie contest.

Your win could be just the kudo, connection or customer base you need to get started.